transmission limp mode

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    transmission visit work shop. HELP !!!!mercedes A200 2006 Diesel Automatic

    hi guys, hope you are well i am new to this forum and needed some help with an issue i am having with my car. i have a mercedes A200 Diesel 2006 automatic. i have been unable to drive it for a while as when i drive it on the message display screen is shows "Transmission visit workshop"...
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    Problem with Transmission for C200.

    I am having trouble with my transmission. I have a c200 cdi 2006 Automatic with just under 60k on the clock. When driving, it is all fine however on occasions it seems to stop changing gears and just revs past 3000rpm. When this happens and I have come to a stand still, changing to and from...
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    Mobile star diagnosis - is it possible?

    My previous post yesterday summed up problems with 99 w210 300td stuck in a single gear probably limp mode. What i am wondering is if there are mobile star diagnosis people in and around London who can come and reset the ecu or at least read off the codes. I don't particularly want to drive any...
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    CLK 270 cdi transmission limp mode

    Hi, I have developed a sudden problem with transmission on my CLK 270 cdi. My car skidded into a curb at about 25mph, its seemed fined but I could hear whistling from the gear box. After switching off, and restarting after five minutes, I was at a junction and the car completely lost power...

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