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    2012 Sprinter transmission failed at 36,256 miles

    Out of warranty and was offered $1000 discount on $6500 replacement from MB dealership. I would guess to be about 10% of what may be expected from the life of this transmission. I am really disappointed and wanted to know if this is all to be expected from MB. Thanks!
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    722.699 W211 E220 Automatic Transmission Comparison (2002 vs 2005)

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum and I need your professional advice and feedback about replacing and fitting the automatic transmission and torque converter with flywheel from a 2005 W211 E220 (110 kW/150 Hp) CDi (please see picture) into my 2002 W211 E220 (110 kW/150 Hp) CDi. Please take...
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    Transmission problem

    My old Mercedes A140 Auto (petrol) (2001) is showing a transmission problem (F sign on dashboard) for last few days. It was running very well after doing major servicing in Helford last month. Suddenly this problem appears in the middle of a drive. Helford don’t to electronics. I called one...
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    w124 engine wont start after replacing gearbox

    hello, i need some help, i got a mb 300 turbodiesel and today i replaced my automatic transmission into manual 4-speed, it came from 200e, but when i try to start the car with keys it wont start, what could the problem be? i started the car in downhill (hitting the gear and letting clutch go...

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