1. R

    How do i change my bootlid??????????

    Hi all, I am a newbie here, and I have a problem. Can somebody tell me how to change my bootlid, e240 w210 sedan 1998. prefreably an answer that contains more THAN " A PIECE OF **** MATE" I WOULD LOVE A STEP BY STEP ACCOUNT IF POSSIBLE. i AM VISUALLY IMPAIRED, BUT DETERMINED TO DO IT MYSELF...
  2. N

    Mercedes SL R230 2007 boot leak not a regular leak - Help!

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help please. I purchased a 2007 SL and have noticed water in the boot. I have checked the regular leak points and it is NOT the C Pillar and all seals are in tact. All drains clear and working as expected. All carpets are dry. There is a set of wires that run...
  3. aidedecampe

    CLK 230 - Problems with opening the Trunk

    Dear all, I have owned a CLK 230 K for 10 years, before that is was my late fathers one, so therefore it is very dear to me. I hope that someone of you could give me some advice regarding the fact that my trunk is not possible to open. Description of the challenge: 1. I can open the trunk hood...
  4. S

    W220 Trunk Springs

    Hello, I have a 2000 S320 (W220), and I’m having a really hard time un-hooking the springs from the trunk that help swing the trunk open. On the left side, the spring is set to maximum tension, while on the right side it is not. I would like to increase the tension on the right side as the...
  5. P

    Boot not closing unless slammed hard

    Hi All, I have a 62 plate W212 and recently maybe after puting some big suitcases in the boot and forcing it close, I have noticed that the latch of the boot struggles to close, one has to hold the top of the boot and slam is so hard so as to make it close. This is not normal and I do not...
  6. H

    W203 (Coupe) Boot / trunk won't open - Help needed

    Hi guys, I cannot open the boot/trunk on my late 2003 C200 Coupe. Every time I try to open it by hand, there seems to be no response and I can't remember whether it is supposed to make some electric whirring noise or not when you use the handle. Assuming it is supposed to make this noise...
  7. rx6180

    Boot lock failed on old W202

    This morning my boot lock failed. Chucked something in the boot, went to the shops, then the boot wouldn't open when I got there. At first, I could hear the whirring of the servo (or whatever) when I pulled the internal release switch, and also if I pressed the external boot button with all four...
  8. R

    Mercedes convertable Top issue

    hi, basically in the trunk of the mercedes theres another section where the top goes into you can see here : inside that area theres a long piece of plastic that is attached from the...
  9. P

    S320 CDI - W220 - Trunk / Boot light not working

    Hope someone can help me out to fix my boot light on my W220 Year 2002. Both light bulbs are ok, unable to get the lights working while the boot is open. Looking for a wiring diagram to help my trouble shooting. Wiring diagram I found was year 1997 but colour codes do not match / more...

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