1. paul67

    sprinter 4x4 vibration!

    hello Lady's and gentlemen, I am hoping someone may point me in the right direction as I have searched threads and sites for an answer. I have a 2012 sprinter 4x4 516cdi 5t lbw van. After adventuring off in to the sticky muddy fields on two occasions I have ended up with a server vibration! I...
  2. Cobra44

    Vibration felt from engine through to interior

    Hi, Recently, I have been experiencing a vibration from my E270. :( I can best describe it as being worse when the car is in drive and just idling, although it is apparent when in N,R and P. The gear box is as smooth as anything as is the engine and there is no loss of power. I can...
  3. Y

    Vibration increase

    Hi thank you for reading this, I have a E 280 CDI on 55 plate,have had it since 50k now done 135k, always great car, fully serviced etc. just last week it started the following, first thing in the morning when cold and its in parked or reverse it increases vibration and when in d drive its...
  4. Irresistance

    W220 320 CDI - Torque Converter Recon Needed?

    Hello, A while back I posted about an issue I was having with my W220... between 1100 and 1300 RPM I would get the "rumble-strip" vibration. We changed the fluid to 236.14 Fuchs, new filter, and, for a while, all seemed well. There still was some very mild vibration, but it was tolerable...
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