1. T

    Looking for help with 1992 190e 1.8 buying tips

    Hi There, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I'm going to ask anyway as I need all the help I can get. I'm a new driver and I am not happy getting a modern hatchback or something similar, and one of my dream cars is a 190e so I began looking into it and realised price wise...
  2. D

    W201 running rough at idle

    Hello looking for some help. The car seems run rough when at idle and wants to cut out and sometimes does, and gets worse when pressing accelerator, but once up at speed it's fine, could this be the OVP relay? (I have ordered one) however I was told it could be the idle control valve. However...
  3. S

    190e rough idle setting fuel/air mix

    Hi, I have a 190e that currently has a rough idle and lack of power intermittently that I'm going through and getting everything sorted before using it as a daily. So far I've: -Changed most parts on the ignition system spark test showed all good. -Compression test on all cylinders all tested...
  4. B

    190E 3.0

    So long sotry short I started a restoration project on a 1990 190E that was laying around for around 20 years. Pretty much finished the restoration in 1 year but now having a small issue with it. For clarification the car is a japanese import 1989 2.6 190E. Had to replace the engine and...
  5. D

    Mercedes 190 1989 2.0E Rough Idle and bad cold start

    Hello I've been trying to fix this for a year now and I've spent a lot of time searching and trying different things but none have helped so I figured I'd make a thread to get some help. It seems like the colder it is outside the harder it is to start it, it starts but I have to pump the gas to...
  6. F

    W201/190e sill rust repair

    Hi, just wanted to know if anyone has repaired rust on the sills/rocker panels of a 190e? (Searched and couldn't find anything specific to the 190e) I've found a few areas getting a little flakey that need attention fortunately not near the jacking points. The car has been in the family for well...
  7. Rob Eggleshaw

    W201 190e 2.3-16v Electric Windows / Sunroof

    Hello all, After your direction please. A well used 2.3-16v (220k miles) that I've inherited and am trying to get going again. One of the issues I have is with the electric sunroof - it will go back at the press of the button. Every time. A bit at a time. Absolutely no delay. However, most...
  8. Rob Eggleshaw

    190E 2.3-16v Door Seals

    Hello ever helpful forumites, Another "noob" query that I would very much appreciate your help / recommendations with please (there will be more to come as I begin the task of getting my old man's 2.3 back to a reasonable state!). Door seals - all a bit knackered, split, torn etc. I suppose...
  9. fangio_gg

    W201 stopped whilst driving

    Hi, thought I'd share my issue. I haven't fixed it, but when I do, maybe it will come in handy for someone else. Till about a month ago my 1.8l W201 1992 been problem free since I bought it about a year ago. Got 300000km on it. When I bought it, it ran good, but I took the time changing: Rotor...
  10. E

    Help, Engine swap, w201 1988 190e swapping 2.0 for a 1.8

    Hi all, I've recently started restoration on my 1988 w201 190e and I have a few questions, Can I swap the 2.0 with a 1.8 without any modifications etc? What's the difference if any in these engines? (this would be a short to mid term change whilst I rebuild the original unit to refit) I've...
  11. Smaltze

    Modifying a 190 na diesel for performance

    Hello all, I have the tools/machinery/skills(i hope) and interest in getting a w201 190 diesel and attaching a mercedes kompressor or perhaps an aftermarket super charger to it. As well as widening the stance with fabricated custom arch extensions and upgrading the suspension for as best...
  12. J

    Thinking of buying W123 or W201 - any advice on best model?

    Hi, I previously owned a W124 300C 24V which was, on the whole, a great car but I had to get rid of it due to re-location. I am now thinking of buying a W123 or W201 (190e) to use as a regular car (not much commuting) and also as an appreciating classic. Does anyone have any recommendations as...
  13. D

    Mercedes 190E cuts out and won't restart

    When driving normally the engine can abruptly cut out. The dash warning lights come on. The engine cannot be restarted immediately, but after standing for 10 minutes or so, it will restart and then drives normally. The interval between these incidents may be weeks. Can happen at any...
  14. E

    W201 2.0 engine not very smooth?

    Hello all, The 3rd Benz in my collection is a Baby Benz, w201 190E 2.0 Automatic. Looks good, drives good and has loads of torque. The only problem I am having is that the engine sounds raw. The engine idling behaviour is stable (approx 700rpm) but when driving the car under normal every day...
  15. L

    W201 - rear body panel missing

    date: today, 08/01/2011 time: 12:30pm place: Tesco's car park, Stowmarket. CRIME: drive off after hitting wife's car. :x damage: rear bumper panel loose & O/S rear lower panel & trim missing (the panel between wheel arch and bumper) colour Blue. we can secure the bumper but......... . where is...

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