1. 9

    Cl500 w216 rear stop/tail lamp fail.

    Hi, I have a waring rear left stop tail light failed. Took it all out to change lamp, then realised its led. All plugs and connectors look OK and pcb looks OK. Are these boards replaceable or repairable? Surely you don't replace the whole tail light to repair. I am a competent electrician and...
  2. E


    Morning all, I've been trawling the forums for some time and thought it was time I joined the Borg. I'm waiting for my son to pass his driving test (though if he takes much longer - Covid not helping - I might leave him to do it on his bike) so I can sell my current hatch back and buy a w216...
  3. finnishbenzowner

    W216 CL63 Seat

    Hi all! I have this 2007 CL63 and its a beautiful car. But I have a problem with it: My passenger seat’s shoulders doesnt go fully empty. Its almost as full as possible and it drains just a little bit. I have tried the classical ”Take your battery off for 3 minutes and all your problems are...
  4. R

    W216, CL500 Amplifier failure

    Hi All, Looking to purchase a 2008 W216 CL500, however the radio amp is cooked and needs replacement. £800 is the replacement cost, so obviously scouting for alternatives other than sendin the unit away for repair. Does the OEM amp do anything more than a similarly sized and rated aftermarket...
  5. A

    Help buying CL 500 W216

    Hi guys, I have been reading up loads on this forum regarding the CL 500 I have finally come of my driving ban and my license is clean after 5 years so I can afford the insurance now. My budget is not high I will finance the whole thing £13k. I am considering getting a car now for 2017, the...
  6. 5

    Deadlock with dealers

    Hi all, I'm having trouble with 2x dealers regarding a warranty repair to my AU CL500 with T1 warranty. To cut a long story short; -Dealer C services car back in February (B service) -Recently, aircon stops working (stuck in AC OFF mode) -2 weeks ago, Dealer D changes condenser and a...
  7. F

    w216 cl 600

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a 2008 w216 CL 600, and was wondering whether you knew any information of any reliabilty issue that have been asscoiated with these cars. I have heard of a number of horror stories about the previous model CL's (starter motor coils, ECU, cylinders on one side not...

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