1. SteveCab

    W447 drivers door control fault

    Hi all, it’s been a while but I now have a problem with the 2019 Vito W447 drivers door control. I have checked the 30A fuses in S4 and both are intact (2 is for drivers). Are there any other inline fuses I can check before I rip the door card off? it’s gone down during the recent frosts and...
  2. ewalstra

    W447 afternoon interior fan noises

    Hi guys, I'm new inhere so if I have chosen the wrong part of this forum, please bare with me... I own a W447 for about two months now. I recently changed the Audio 15 into an Android head unit and is working great. I love the streaming part. Since it has been build in, I've noticed the interior...
  3. Steve Mack

    W447 Vito 3rd brake light removal

    All, I am trying to replace the high level tailgate brake light on my Mercedes Vito (2017 - W447) but cannot find any inf. on-line re. removal of housing assy. I think it may pop out if I gently prise it away from body but don’t wish to damage it should it be held secure by a bolt. Has anyone...
  4. M

    New member - Help with service record please

    Hello all, my names Matt and I'm a new member here! I don't actually own a Merc yet as my username suggests, but I am looking for a W447 114 Vito, and I'm close to pulling the trigger on one. The only thing that I'm not sure about is a couple of aspects of the service history. The vehicle I'm...

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