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    SLK320 Tracking

    Hi. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to have the tracking / wheel alignment done on my 2004 SLK320? The car pulls to the left despite the tracking having been adjusted by Kwikfit and another tyre place. Thanks in advance. Any suggestions appreciated. Paul
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    Help needed !! Major

    Why hello, i got this clk320 2002 that I just replaced all the front end suspension components then it hit me. Alignment. Soo. Can you use the good old fashioned stringline around the car thing or is there some serious adjustment to be made also if anyone know me the torque for the axel nut that...
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    R170 second hand buy, serial numbers and hidden crash

    Hi everyone, So have posted on here a few times when looking for advice on searching for a second hand r170 SLK. I found what I thought was a good one, blokes wife's runaround. 2001. 55k miles (all added up in HPI check and in the service history) and from a dealer out in Essex. Haggled to a...

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