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  1. Richie Livo

    SL350 Right wing mirror indicator issue

    Good morning Guys, Can’t find a thread with my issue! Noticed this morning that my right wing mirror indicator stays on very faint 24/7? Does anyone have any idea what the issue is? When I unlock the car obviously the indicators flash.. then when I open the door it all goes off as normal...
  2. C

    W215 door mirror replacement

    As some of you may know, I carelessly smashed the shell of my 215's passenger door mirror the other day. I've sourced a new one, on the Bay. Can someone please tell me if it is the correct item to fit my motor..? Many thanks all in...
  3. M

    2012 ML Class

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? My drivers side wing mirror has been damaged through no fault of my own, leaving the mirror cracked and a part of the body trim broken. My request for help is two-fold. 1 if I order a replacement mirror how do I remove the old one? 2 does anyone have a...
  4. N


    My powerfold mirror button which folds the mirrors out is broken on my 2008 CLC. (used to have to press very hard and jolt to work but now does not work at all). Can this be fixed or is a new unit required? I have seen the exact same unit on ebay from a MERCEDES C CLASS 2004-2007?
  5. L


    Hi everyone, a couple of months ago some fool smashed off my drivers side mirror, the whole units pretty smashed up and i've been getting by with a caravan mirror that i taped into what was left of the body, duck taped to my car. Not very nice! I've been searching tirelessly on spare part...
  6. C

    Removing the W203 Wing Mirror Casing

    Removing the W203 Wing Mirror Casing Make: Mercedes Model: C220 CDi Body Type: W203 Transmission: Automatic 1. Push the mirror towards the back of the car firmly. It feels like it shouldn’t be pushed but it does. 2. Try to push as far as you can, I used my body weight to hold it back as it...
  7. L

    W203 Wing mirror complete removal/refit

    Hi this is my first post on here and hope someone can help me. I have a 2003 C220 CDi W203 pre facelift model. Last week some $@&# :mad: hit my near side wing mirror off and smashed the casing and mirror. i managed to pick up a complete replacement on ebay :D. I've managed to get the damaged...
  8. P

    SL500 2002 - Heated Wing Mirrors

    Both of the wing mirrors on the car are permenantly on when the ignitions on. The drivers side mirror has become disscoloured and patchy. I cant find anywhere to turn them off or to start looking for issues. I guess its something to do with the thermostat in the mirror its self but would...
  9. B

    wing / door mirror covers c180 coupe

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to remove the cover (including indicator lens etc) from the mirror its self on a c180 coupe? my mirrors have been damaged so i bought a couple from ebay but the covers are a different colour to the original ones so i simply want to put my old covers onto the new...
  10. K

    Wing Mirror /Window Problem

    W210 e320CDI Estate 2001 I had a faulty nearside rear window - stuck up, with quiet motor:( the other three working fine. Have been checking window fuses - didnt find any that had "blown". But, now have all windows firmly shut and wing mirrors that swing in and out as they should but mirror...

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