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  1. C

    2004 C180K Won't fire but cranks

    Hi everyone, am looking for some inspiration please! Have just brought a 2004 C Class 180K. Replaced alternator (was told that was why it had broken down) and a brand new battery (as was told that was dead) but now it won't start.~ He did say it went into Limp mode and that this would need...
  2. F

    06 plate c class 1.8l petrol wont start

    I bought my car just before christmas have had no starting problems with it at all since purchase started first time everytime up untill today was running low on fuel almost completely out, finished work and was gonna go to petrol station but the car wont start at all all lights headunit and...
  3. B

    E320 engine harness replacement - won't start

    I recently changed the engine wiring harness and now the car won’t start. I would really appreciate your help!! I have a 1995 E320 convertible (cabriolet) W124 with 112k miles. I changed the original engine harness as the the car started idling low/rough to the point where it felt like it...
  4. H

    E220 CDI Good battery nothing when key in put in

    Hi people, after some more help with my 2011 E220 CDI please. I have recently had my manual gearbox fixed (sat for 2 months) it's all back on and now goes into every gear brilliant! Except when the key is inserted there is no lights on dash steering lock still on and will not start. I have...
  5. N

    Ml270 cdi wont start

    Hi guys I have a 2004 ml270 cdi.. I bought the car and drove it 115km back home.. waz driving 100%.. I parked it on a down hill with the front lower than the back.. 2 hours later it did not want to start.. just cranked butt would not start at all.. the next day I got it going by putting a petrol...
  6. Nikki slade

    My W221 Mercedes Headache Hell ! HELLLLP

    Hi Guys Right this post is going to be a challenge and probably a lengthly one but I really need all your help. I saved up to buy a mercedes S class w221 because I've always wanted one and found a 2009 S320 CDI on gumtree which had been in a crash (front drivers side) and been repaired, it was...
  7. W

    Please help me someone i tried everything

    Hey guys hope your all well Ive got a C180 w202 1997 and im having a real big issue nd a very expensive one by the looks of it. Couple days ago out of nowhere my car decided it wont start anymore I have had the same problem around 2 years ago in my E230 W210 1996 and i had to scrap the car...
  8. T


    Ok I'm new so be nice! Think I'm posting this on the right section :/ Oh and don't use mega car terminology, Ok so on Xmas day, the starter fuse blew, so I upped the Amps to a 20a Started fine, then blew, anyways now the starter has completely packed up, a guy come Today to put it on his...
  9. A

    C180 Auto - Wont Start; No Dash Lights

    I was travelling home last night and parked the car road side to pick up something on the way. When I came back to the car, I opened the car and inserted the key fob and tried turning it to switch on the car and suddenly dashboard lights went off, key wont turn, all electronics went dead - no...
  10. G

    Car wont start

    Hi, my car has been laid up since it's last MOT. I charged the battery and checked that there was fuel in it, but it will not start. It has no immobiliser to my knowledge or alarm. It is a 1993 220ce (coupe). All lights etc work and the car is turning over fine, but nothing! This car has given...
  11. H

    95' S-600, Start Problem. Please help.

    I have bought a 95 S-600. I drove it home fine. after that I drove it around the block, and never had any problem. But for the last 2-3 months I am having starting issuee. It starts up fine, but after driving for 2-3 min(or even sometimes less than that) it just stops. And then you won't be able...
  12. S

    1993 300sl cutting out ?

    Hi i have a 1993 300sl 24v which i have owned for 4 years, i only do 100 miles a year so not much use. in the last six months when i start the car it runs perfectly for 5-10 minutes and then cuts out and will not start again until it has cooled down. There is fuel getting through and a spark...

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