1. motocod

    W211 Xenon - which type?

    Hi folks, One of the headlamps on my 2005 W211 has gone pink, so it looks like I need to replace it. Never dealt with xenon beams before, so don't really know what to buy, but it seems like there are D1S, D2S, and even D3S - can anyone advise which type I need to buy, and maybe even point me in...
  2. 6

    C219 CLS headlamps changing the bulbs

    I have a 2009 CLS with OE HID. I'd like to change the D2S bulbs. I've taken a look, got the large cap off, but haven't worked out how it's supposed to come out. Any one offer any hints ? Any online guides ? I've looked at the usual places etc. Do the headlight housing need to be removed ?
  3. C

    Mercedes-Benz C180 2010 (60 plate) - 1.6ltr/BlueEFFICIENCY

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, I've recently bought this car in the title 'Mercedes-Benz C180 2010 (60 plate) - 1.6ltr/BlueEFFICIENCY' and I'd really like to get a decent set of White Xenon headlights for it. I was advised to go for this set...
  4. BRABUS R230

    Faulty N/S 2003 SL55 Xenon Headlight

    I appear to have a fault in my NS/F Xenon headlamp, I have changed the Xenon bulbs, but no difference... If I constantly switch my headlamps on/off (sometime around 10 times) after a while the light comes on, once it is on it will stay on...sometimes it might work for a few days without any...
  5. Lexman8

    CL500: Keyless Go and Bi-Xenon problems

    Hi, I've just got a 2001 CL500 that has beeen unused for some time. Using the Keycard I can unlock the doors by touching the door handle and can start the car with the gearstick button. However on exiting the car I can't lock it using either of the door buttons nor the one on the boot...
  6. I

    Xenon Headlight Problem W202 1999

    Hi everyone. I'm new to Xenon headlights and have been reading the posts to get an understanding. I have a problem with my N/S headlight (1999 C200 W202). I changed the bulb but it didn't cure the prob. I now realise it's either an Ingiter or Ballast problem but I don't know how to tell. I'm...
  7. M

    Xenon Bulbs for C180 Kompressor 03 plate

    Hi I have a C180 kompressor 03 plate and would like to upgrade the current standard bulbs to xenon bulbs. Is this possible and if so which ones do i need to buy? Many thanks in advance. Paul
  8. C

    Xenon Headlamp Bulb

    HI I have a bulb problem on my CLS AMG 55 - the passenger main beam headlamp bulb has gone. MB have checked and it is the bulb not the control unit but they are quoting £239 to change the bulb inc £86 for the bulb. How do you change it? and is there any way of removing the shock threat? -...
  9. A

    W210 Projector headlights

    I've found my headlights quite dim on the motorway, and whilst I dont want to blind oncomers, I would like them to be brighter, so am considering 50%/90% brighter bulbs. I also find the frosted appearance of W210 lights (and mine arent that dirty at all!) quite out of date and if possible and...

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