Coding C/CLK (W209) for Alpine audio


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Dec 26, 2006
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Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience or info re setting up an Alpine stereo in a C-class or W209 CLK? My new stereo is in just fine, but the Vehicle Display Interface (KCE-960B) isn't behaving properly. I have volume controls, but the track up/down are changing disc or folder up/down and more annoyingly, the audio info display in the instrument cluster isn't showing anything at all.

The car originally had the Bose audio option. Alpine tell me that the car needs to be coded for audio, which I think it is, as the Merc stereo put station & track info on the cluster display, but I wonder whether the car needs telling that it has a standard stereo rather than the Bose option, perhaps.

Does anyone have Alpine in a CAN-bus setup with the steering wheel controls and the IC display working with the KCE-960B adapter?

Any ideas gratefully received!



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