1. cristian.sladariu

    SatNav screen broken

    Hello, my satnav screen from my 2019 V class 220 marco polo got cracked today. When i purchased the car i wanted to have the bigger satnav however the car i finally bought was with the smaller satnav with the plastic frame on top of the screen. Now the situation asks for me to repair this...
  2. H

    A200 AMG Line 2020 Executive

    I have recently purchased an A200 AMG Line 2020 Executive and I was wandering if there was a mod that you could do to extend the MBUX display to make it like a premium?
  3. Mark Hart

    ABS Module - ESP, ABS and display faulty no speedometer

    Hi all, First forum post! I’ve got a C209 clk500 and I recently received the fault messages in the title. I replied to an old forum thread on here and was asked to repost as a new thread, here’s a link to the other post that contains all the background...
  4. Chas1

    Instrument cluster display km/h and kPa

    Hi, is there any way to change these units in the Instrument cluster display km/h and kPa to MPH and PSI ? Ive looked at all the settings options but cant find anything ? Thanks
  5. F

    w210 2001 display shows L/1KM not L/100km HELP

    Guys, I have tried locating the topic on the forum without success. I have got a 2001 E200K Elegance - beautiful machine indeed. I keep seeing people with same age cars on the forums with displays showing their fuel consumption as say 6.8L/100KM where mine says say 8KM/L. This is really...
  6. S

    Fuel consumption display

    I have a 2010 e-class e220 estate and the fuel consumption display bar is calibrated 0 to 40MPG - as this a reverse of the litres / 100km displays that go from 0 to 20 litres, why is this so - my 2008 c-class had the same fuel consumption display and that went 0 to 80 MPG My dealer cannot give...
  7. E

    Triangle sign with car in the middle & graphic assist?

    So I just got my E-Class yesterday. I realised a light comes on now and then. It is a red light (triangle with a car in the middle). Could anyone shine some light on what this is please? Hoping its not a fault!! :confused: ALSO, whilst I'm at it; what on earth is graphic assist? I...
  8. scotsboi

    Outside temp display faulty

    Hi, I noticed a few months back that my car's outside temp gauge was showing the wrong temperature - usually 5-10 degrees what it should be. I noticed it after I had it in for a service - although I'm not suggesting it was related - only because the service didn't involve that - although they...
  9. M

    Dashboard display intermittently stop working

    I have a C250 D estate, 1998 model, and recently over the last few months the daskboard display bits (speedo, rev counter, fuel gauge, temp sensor) have stopped working intermittently, but it seems to be getting worse. Usually it happens when I start the car, either they will all work, or...
  10. F

    A class milage display light faulty

    Hey, im not sure exactly what its called but the little electronic display in the dashboard that display the milage and temperature and when you need a service is working but the light behind its has a problem of only coming on about once in ten ignitions or maybe even more, could this be that...
  11. J

    Coding C/CLK (W209) for Alpine audio

    Hi All, Does anyone have any experience or info re setting up an Alpine stereo in a C-class or W209 CLK? My new stereo is in just fine, but the Vehicle Display Interface (KCE-960B) isn't behaving properly. I have volume controls, but the track up/down are changing disc or folder up/down and...

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