1. SQ_W211

    W219 Harmon Kardon

    Hi all, Very recently I have been having some very loud distortion noises through speakers(and occasionally going silent while track is still playing on Command) more so when car is cold. I am thinking it could be the HK logic 7 amp on its way out because headunit works as normal and can see...
  2. M

    2007 C220 CDI iPod connector

    Hi, today I have just been bequeathed a low mileage immaculate 2007 C220 CDI (a W203 I think). It has the iPod connector in the glove box. I want to get an aftermarket DAB/Bluetooth radio unit so I can listen to DAB stations as well as play music and receive phone calls from my iPhone via...
  3. M

    Harmon Kardon too much bass

    Bought a C207 over the weekend after browsing the classifieds for months to get the right options, one of which was the HK audio. Having never heard the audio system before I couldn't wait to give it a try once I got home, too many other things to test first like the acceleration of the 3L V6...
  4. A

    Daney In Distress!

    Hi Everyone! I have owned my C200 since April 2019 and it has not skipped a beat. I brought it on 102k on the clock and full service history. I had to get some work done to it along with a relationship break up and moving house, moved jobs, lost the key so had to get a new one ect It's been a...
  5. Ted Schrecker

    Query re: rear speakers (?) in 2003 SL500

    I am not certain whether my recently acquired 2003 SL500 (base audio system) should have rear speakers. I believe it should, but no sound comes from them and on the COMAND audio settings menu bass, treble and balance adjustments appear but fader (front-to-back balance) does not. I would be...
  6. T

    W205 Speaker upgrade

    It didn’t take long in my ownership of a W205 C220 to find out that the Audio 20 audio quality is pretty average. Booked the car into Unique/ Comand in Lightwater and had the front factory fitted speakers changed out, on their recommendation, for Focal speakers. The resulting sound improvement...
  7. MaxPallas

    Ex SAAB enthusiast now hoping to enjoy my new CLS just as much

    I had a SAAB 9-5 Aero estate for 12 years, great car to drive, incredible performance in its manual guise, but age took its toll, after almost 200,000 miles it was time for a change, but what will fit the bill? No more SAAB, so I'll "upgrade" I hope that is the correct term without insulting...
  8. P

    [Wanted] Stereo rear Brake light

    Can anyone recommend a decent stereo upgrade from the audio 20 on the w203 2006 model , I'm also after a rear centre break light if anyone knows of one going ? Thanks .
  9. A

    USB/Aux/Ipod no audio

    Hi, I have a 2011 C180 with a USB/Aux/Ipod 4th input in the top right hand side of the glove compartment. When I first bought the car, the audio was a little hit and miss, it would only play out on one side etc. Eventually this deteriorated and now no audio comes out whatsoever. My USB...
  10. J

    audio player for a class

    hey guys, I recently bought an a class, year 2007 and was wondering if anyone knew anything about audio systems that are compatible? I basically want to be able to play music through my ipod but don't have the connectivity for it, any ideas??
  11. C


    Why does my aux volume play lower than the CD volume in my 2009 clc
  12. S

    SL 230 speaker replacement

    Hi All. My Dad's SL has a off sounding left door speaker (he thinks tweeter is damaged), car only has standard audio with the command and is a 2004 350. Any recommendations gratefully received for replacement /upgrades. Thanks in advance
  13. M

    Audio wiring diagram for E300TD 1992

    I am attempting to work out the rats nest of wires so I can fit a new audio system. Can anyone let me know how I can get hold of audio wiring diagram with associated colour codes?
  14. U

    Mobile Connection in W203

    Hello All My Car (MB C180K/2002) has installed AUDIO 30APS System and on steering wheel it has 2 buttons for call( talk and end call) see attached file this is my car interior. When i bought this car there was no phone inside. my friend told that on his E-class he is using mobile phone...
  15. U

    Audio 30APS USB Connection

    Hello All, This is my first post on forum :) I have MB C180K/w203/2002 Year. it has Audio 30APS (as following image, it has Navigation , CD and Radio.) This Audio play only CD disk with max 19 musics(burned with NERO MP3 CD). So i thought it would be better to transfer music on my USB...
  16. B

    Connect iphone to CLK 240

    Dear All, I have a CLK 240 which does not include blue tooth option. Whats the most cost effective way of connecting my iphone to the cars audio system? Cheers, BQ
  17. H

    Newbie Help Please! W220 CD Changer Wiring Loom

    Hi Guys I hope you're all well and will bear with me whilst I ask a question! I've recently bought a beautiful S320 on a 2001 Y plate... Immaculate, 50k miles, very chuffed apart from the lack of audio options! I've no CD Changer fitted but wanted to know if it is likely that the wiring...
  18. J

    [Wanted] Cheap (broken?) Comand or Audio 20 CD (W211)

    Hi folks, I have a project in mind to replace the hifi in my E-class. It's pretty hard to get a kit to fit a standard 2-DIN screen that looks as good as the Merc OE, plus all those buttons and the volume knob are handy... so... If anyone has either an Audio 20 CD or better still, a COMAND...
  19. J

    [Spares] Audio 10CC; CD Changer; Bose Amplifier [UK: London/Essex]

    Hi All, I have some audio parts, taken from a 2003 CLK but should fit some other cars around that time if you know what you're doing, most likely C-class with D2B. Happy to sell these separately or as a package. These are all D2B fibre-optic interface parts, so please check your car is...
  20. J

    Coding C/CLK (W209) for Alpine audio

    Hi All, Does anyone have any experience or info re setting up an Alpine stereo in a C-class or W209 CLK? My new stereo is in just fine, but the Vehicle Display Interface (KCE-960B) isn't behaving properly. I have volume controls, but the track up/down are changing disc or folder up/down and...

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