W211 Rotary Light Switch Malfunction At 'Auto'


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Aug 29, 2007
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Dublin, Ireland.
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E200 Kompressor W211 2003 1798 cc Petrol
Puzzling electrical issue (aren't they always?),
  • Initially, I noticed over past few days that the boot lights were not turning on when boot lid was opened.
  • Also noticed tonight that rear interior ceiling light was not illuminating when driver's door opened, though front ceiling light was illuminating.
    • The switch up by the rear view mirror to prevent these interior lights illuminating upon door opening was not depressed, i.e. front and rear lights should come on.
    • I guessed it was a fuse issue.
  • Tonight, warning beeps and 'Switch off lights' in dashboard as I opened door with key out of ignition despite rotary, exterior light switch at 'Auto'.
    • It shouldn't complain at 'Auto'; it should just turn off the exterior, front and tail lights after I leave the car.
    • Exterior lights remained on until I set the switch to '0'.
  • Found a website that,
    • indicated fuse 52 protects "Rotary light swich S1, Cluster, Glove Compartment". I checked it and it was fine, so I replaced it.
    • made no mention of what fuse protects interior ceiling or boot lights.
  • Then a change in behaviour,
    • the rotary light switch was no longer warning me when I opened driver's door with key removed from ignition; appeared to be working as it should.
    • Rear interior ceiling light comes on when driver's door is opened, but only sometimes, not every time.
  • Few minutes later, rotary light switch was back warning me to 'Switch off lights' even though it was set to 'Auto'.
  • Boot lights never came on at any point.
  • There is no malfunction reported in the dashboard, nor is there the "Battery convenience functions temporarily inactive".
So, what seemed like a simple fuse issue, now appears to be an intermittent problem affecting what you'd imagine are unrelated circuits.

Anyone know if there's a simple answer? Can anyone confirm what fuse 52 protects and what fuses control the boot lights and the interior ceiling lights/

Grateful if anyone could illuminate. (Geddit? Like what I did there? :D)


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