electric fault

  1. U

    R171 Slk window not responding

    Passenger window won't go up or down on the switch, nor close by going up when the door is shut when driving. Locking the car doesnt close the window either so now water can get in when it rains. The passenger wing mirror still works as usual from the centre console. Unfortunatley the car...
  2. C

    Active Brake Assist Limited Functions

    I’ve just bought a write off A-Class A160 AMG Line and it only has fairly light damage, however, the emergency braking radar looks knackered. Does anyone have any idea if I can just buy a new/second hand one and just plug it in and it’d work, or would it have to be programmed to the car. Cheers.
  3. D

    C180 2004 crazy electrics!!

    Hi Everone, newbie to the site and Mercedes. Have a massive problem, just bought a c180 Kompressor 2004 rhd yesterday, now I knew there was an electrical fault but the car was going got peanuts so thought why not give it a go, anyway.... The windscreen wipers are on permanent, full beam on...
  4. R

    Issue with W204 2008 C220 CDI Glow Plugs.....Help!

    Hi folks, I have a 2008 C220 CDI, last month a glow plug light came on during a cold start(stayed on for approx. 1 minute after driving away) and I changed all 4 glow plugs(to Lucas), however since then during a cold start, the light is staying on for the same amount of time. I put a diagnostic...
  5. M

    E-class coupe no crank issue

    Hello I have a 2011 Mercedes E Class coupe The car won't crack over to start the dash lights turn on all fuses are okay interior heating doesn't turn on sometimes buttons on steering wheel don't work also the radio controls and seats gearbox used to show up on the dash screen if its in park...
  6. SmoothBall

    W211 Rotary Light Switch Malfunction At 'Auto'

    Hi, Puzzling electrical issue (aren't they always?), Initially, I noticed over past few days that the boot lights were not turning on when boot lid was opened. Also noticed tonight that rear interior ceiling light was not illuminating when driver's door opened, though front ceiling light was...
  7. J

    Electrical services required for Mercedes SL55 2005 plate (R230)

    Hello all, My Mercedes has had a fire in the boot which I believe is a common fault on these and therefore has caused the rear bit of the wiring loom to be burnt on the drivers side mainly by the split unit module, will upload pics later. I have all the parts for the repair but need someone...
  8. M

    2002 e220 cdi battery protection, red lights everywhere, car shutdown

    Hi, This wonderful car with 124k on the clock had the battery protection error come up about 6 weeks ago - no ancillary power in the car. 1st garage said "battery" and replaced the secondary battery in the engine compartment. Error still came back. Returned the car, they said no fault found...
  9. Silver 300te

    W124 sunroof motor problem - just one question (yeah right)

    Hiya, My S124 sunroof motor makes a noise like it's working but doesn't have any effect on the sunroof. However, I can open the sunroof manually, from the boot. My question is, that wee bolt you can turn if you have the right gromet - doesn't turn under electric power, nor does that other...
  10. P

    Help Need SLK R170, Heavy post

    Hi People, I really need some help please, I have an early SLK R170, and have a starting issue, basically it won't start or even crank over. History: Drove the car out of our garage at home and parked on the drive for a couple of days, all was fine, (no issues before with anything) Come to...
  11. W

    Engine ecu wiring problem c220 cdi 2003 model diesel manual

    Hi I have a problem with my ecu in regards the wiring on the engine ecu. (2003 c220 cdi) Wires have been cut and joined and I am left with a wire purple with black line on it that seems to not have been connected correctly. I am having the system restraint warning and car will not turnover...
  12. towat

    W208 Conv Electrical niggle

    Hello everybody, I have recently purchased a 1999 CLK 320 convertible, it had the usual bodywork problems which I have now sorted with new wings etc and it is now looking good on 18" AMG rims. It does however have a couple of electrical niggles, firstly the heater blower stopped working and I...
  13. W

    C350 (w204) Fuse Diagram

    Has anyone got a fusebox wiring diagram or fuse layout for a c350cdi (w204)? The central one (in front of the gear lever) 12v outputs doesnt seem to work and I've tested it with 2 different adaptors, plus the one in the glovebox still works.
  14. F

    C250 AMG Warning Lights / Electrics Fault

    C250 AMG Diesel 2012 has recently started showing: Run Flat Indicator - Inoperable ABS Warning Light ESP Inoperable When these lights appear all additional systems become inactive eg no speed limiter, cruise control, eco mode, no stop start, no electronic hold and no auto lights...
  15. P

    1995 Merc Vario 814D - Electrical diagram

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum and own a 95/96' Mercedes Vario 814D recovery truck. I am in desperate need of a wiring diagram as I'm having some after market lights fitted. Additionally for some unknown reason the full beam has stopped working and the fuses are all fine. Would...
  16. A

    Auxiliary heater electrical fault - c class 220 09

    Hi, just recently bought a C Class 220 CDI BLUE EFFICIENCY ESTATE 2009 W204 The Aircon and Heating is lit up and buttons are functioning but no airflow is emitted, I was under the impression from the dealer I bought it from that it probably just needed re-gassing, a local garage performed a...
  17. S

    SLK 230 R170 Electric Seat Fault

    The seat controls on my SLK230 R170 have intermittent fault Sometimes none of seat controls on either seat work ie seats cannot be moved backwards and forwards or any of the other adjustments when car used first thing in morning Sometimes they work when engine as been running for 5 or 10...

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