1. N

    W211 (2003 220d)- Fuse identification

    Hi All, I bought an used W211 220d 2003 model recently. When i checked the fuse box in the trunk, the fuse 13 is broken and no fuses in ports 11 and 12. What would be the implications. When i googled, i found that 11 - Rear end control unit ( found that fuse no 7 is also Rear end control...
  2. Oldcodger

    '04 R230 Fuse location for dash cam?

    Hi folks, I need a switchable fuse location for a dash cam for my '04R230 SL350 I've had problems with my GLA when the wrong location was chosen by Halfords for a piggy back fuse holder so thought best to check the experts on here first. Any thoughts please? Thanks Mike
  3. Midlifecrisis999

    Relay & fuse

    Got the Check Engine Light on the dashboard and took my SL350 in for a diagnostic. They found many faults - unsurpringly. However they also diagnosed a secondary air pump failure. I brought the car away and did some research, located the correct relay and fuse locations under the bonnet and...
  4. S

    Eclass e300 bluetech hybrid 2013 fuse box diagram chart

    hey there im new to this place i recently got my Mercedes and replaced a few fuses in it already i was wondering if someone can help me with a fuse diagram chart that tells you where all the fuses go and what number they are my car is Eclass Mercedes e300 bluetech hybrid 2013 S212 model many thanks
  5. G

    E350 (A207) Central locking radio antenna fuse keeps blowing

    I have a 2013 E350 convertable and the central locking will not work via the radio signal allthough the IR is working fine. I have changed the fuse and it has failed again very quickly. My Guess is that there is a connection problem with the central locking radio antenna. Can anyone advise:-...
  6. SmoothBall

    W211: Which Fuse For Boot Convenience Lights?

    Hi folks, The two convenience lights on either side of the boot on my W211 no longer come on when I open the boot. I suspect a blown fuse. Does anyone know which fuse protects that circuit? Is it located in the engine bay box, dashboard compartment or boot compartment? The other thing that...
  7. SmoothBall

    W211 Rotary Light Switch Malfunction At 'Auto'

    Hi, Puzzling electrical issue (aren't they always?), Initially, I noticed over past few days that the boot lights were not turning on when boot lid was opened. Also noticed tonight that rear interior ceiling light was not illuminating when driver's door opened, though front ceiling light was...
  8. G

    Brake lights won't turn off?

    I have a 2012 Mercedes C Class Coupe, and the brake lights won't turn off. I had this problem about 2 months ago, but it was fixed by replacing the brake switch. Now, the brake lights have been temporarily staying on again. By temporarily I mean they'll be fine, then I'll turn on my car and...
  9. G

    Brake lights won’t turn off

    Someone driving behind me today told me my brake lights weren’t turning off. When I turn on the ignition they’re on, and they stay on whilst I’m driving even when I’m not touching the brake pedal. I took it to a mechanic and he replaced the switch which didn’t fix the problem. After playing...
  10. A

    internal fuse box location c class

    I have a 2013 c class 220 estate. The interior fuse box should be under a plastic panel on the side of the dash by the A post. I have a slot but there is no fuse box??? Mercedes don't have an answer. Any clues???
  11. SmoothBall

    W211 Cigarette Lighter Not Working

    Hi there, I have a 2003 W211. The cigarette lighter has recently stopped working. I suspect it's a fuse. I've checked the fuses in the boot, and they're all fine. User's manual says there's another fuse panel at the left end of the dashboard. Firstly, I'm wondering if that should be the...
  12. M

    W168 interior lights fuse number

    I disconnected the battery when fitted a new stereo and my interior lights no longer work, I've searched numerous forums but can't find A diagram list of fuses. Even on aclassinfo Anyone with any help would be appreciated, and no there is no paper list in where the battery is :(
  13. S

    W124 Query on Fuses

    Folks, I have a 1996 W124 E220 Auto Estate Petrol. Checking the fuses in the main box on the offside rear of engine bay (after I blew one when changing out the window regulator!) , I noticed there was no fuse in the slot 11 'Intake Manifold heater (gearbox oil cooler)'. This may because...
  14. L

    START ERROR Vito 108cdi

    hello everyone is there someone that can please help advise us on a problem with our van? The air con wasn't working so i started checking the fuses i did have the ignition on not the engine whilst doing this, i had no idea which fuse was what so i checked all under the steering wheel and under...
  15. S

    Fuel pump relay questions - W202

    Hi there I've got a 1994 C220 automatic (W202) and have a few questions about a relay (p/n 0015429619), which I assume from Google searches is the fuel pump relay. If you follow Dec's post (http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/showthread.php?t=62702) about the solder repair of the N10 relay...
  16. A

    ML W164 Electrical issues after a shunt to the rear

    Following a minor bump to the rear of my 57 ML420 CDi it's started with some strange electrical faults. Not long after the bump, the door locks and tailgate randomly locked/unlocked whilst driving and various lights switched themselves on and off. Anyway, whilst these seem to have fixed...
  17. B

    passenger side rear window fuse

    hi all i have an oldy but goody e55 amg 1998 w210 in which the rear window on the passenger side wont function and also wont function using the control by the gear shift so i presume and hope its a fuse,so i have looked in the fuse boxes under the seat and the bonnet and the one by thye ignition...
  18. N

    W211 starter motor relay fuse blowing

    Can someone please help. Called out the AA when the car wouldnt turn over and they diagnosed a blown 20 amp starter relay fuse. Once changed the car started but the same fuse has blown twice more since. Does anyone know if this a common problem and what may be causing it. Thanks in advance.
  19. balge59

    Copper fuses for w124?

    hi after being advised copper fuses are a worthwhile improvement over the nasty aluminium ones I had a good search - but can't find a stockist! Does anyone have a link?
  20. R

    W210 key not turning

    Hi All I'm in a bind here! I have been checking fuses all around our year 2000 w210 270 Cdi estate becasue of various bulbs not working. After putting all the fuses back correctly and in the correct location, the car will not start. In fact, the key will not even turn. Radio, lights etc work...

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