W212 E220 Won’t unlock / no ignition


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Jan 1, 2020
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W212 E220
Hi guys,
I recently encountered an issue with my e class. Went to unlock the car yesterday morning and it wouldn’t open from the fob (New battery in key and key seems to be working). Unlocked the car with the insert key and seems to have immobilised so alarm going off and no power to ignition.
I left the car over night and this morning it unlocked and locked perfectly and started with no problems.
Scanned for codes with Delphi and got codes for, no communication on CAN network (permanent), wake-up signal, coupe CAN malfunction, ezs/eis faulty, output actuator for additional door lock short circuit, terminal 30 failure, CAN fault message from eis, CAN communication to steering column module faulty... and plenty more.

I also had faults with coding data errors and vin mismatch which I think may be due to changing the front SAM module last year and not coding it to the car, but I don’t think these are related to the current issue, as the car has been driving fine up until this.

I may have access to star diagnostics over the coming days to get a more accurate idea of what the problem is but I am wondering if anyone on here has encountered a similar problem / guide me in the right direction.

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