1. J

    Historic Fault Codes (23EA, 200C, 200B, 22E0)

    Hi everyone, I'm Jonas and driving an S211 E220 CDI (2006) and just read my Fault Codes. I got 4 stored in the ECM. Since they are all historic can I just delete them and check if they come back? I recently replaced my V-ribbed belt because it was cracked - could that be where the errors are...
  2. M

    w124 e220 viscous fan question

    Hi, first ever post here, been trawling threads diligently for a year since buying an S124 '96 e220 (so M111 motor) wagon here in Germany where I now seem to live. 250kms on the clock (after my 10), runs beautifully at speed but has the dreaded idle shake n stall problem and have been slowly...
  3. T

    W212 E220 Won’t unlock / no ignition

    Hi guys, I recently encountered an issue with my e class. Went to unlock the car yesterday morning and it wouldn’t open from the fob (New battery in key and key seems to be working). Unlocked the car with the insert key and seems to have immobilised so alarm going off and no power to ignition...
  4. R


    apologies if this as been asked before I'm new to the forums, I need to replace 2 rear tyres on my Eclass 275/35/19, they are currently run-flats however im wondering if i need to put run-flats on or not as there is a huge difference in price so im wondering what are the pros and cons of...
  5. C

    Soft-top indentations

    Hi everyone - I'm new to the forum and a new owner of a E220 convertible 16 plate and i've noticed some very slight indentations/creases when the roof is up, mirrored on both sides, clearly caused by the folds. Nothing major, I can live with it, but it's the only slight imperfections on an...
  6. CrazyArtLady

    Worth it? Extended Warranty on 2016 E220 Premium Estate

    Hi thanks for letting me join. I got a letter from MB informing me that the warranty on my car is coming to an end. I bought the car used last year. I am wondering if I should bother as the quote from MB for 2 years is just shy of a grand. I drive just around my local area and once or twice...
  7. H

    E220 CDI how much gearbox oil for 6speed manual

    Hi I am new to the site and after a little help please. I have recently purchased a E220 CDI blueefficiency 2011 model I believe it's A207. With no indication of any problems I lost reverse gear and 2nd after being parked. It has been removed by my father in law x mechanic and seems to be...
  8. Spy

    WANTED: W124 E220 COUPE

    Hi All, I have been away from classic Mercedes ownership for a few years now but looking to return. Right now I have a lease on a new A Class Mercedes powered by a little dirty diesel lump ;) In the past I have owned a W208 (320 CLK) and a W124 Estate (E220). I am now looking to buy a...
  9. goldy

    Vehicle E Class tailgate issue

    I Have a 2014 E Class estste with a power tailgate causing problems. Sometimes it operates fine. Sometimes it will open a few inches then stop and need a further push on fob or handle to go up. Other times it groans as it opens. Any ideas?
  10. MRAF

    New Merc Owner (E220 Estate) - Looking for any gottchas or things to look out for

    Hello all, I've just bought a Merc (my 1st dip into this Brand). I have very little knowledge to go on so I was hoping for any top tips for me to keep my eye out for on my E22o Estate. I've just got a E220 (S212) AMG Night Edition BLUETEC 2.2, with 8k on the clock on a 16 plate. What goes...
  11. L

    "Downgrade" from S-Class to E-Class

    Evening all. I currently have a 2013 S350L which I love. However, I sometimes wonder if it's a little "overboard" for what I need. Instead, I'm thinking about moving to a newer E220d. However, I do like the luxury and space in my current car so is this "downgrade" likely to be something I'll...
  12. M

    2002 e220 cdi battery protection, red lights everywhere, car shutdown

    Hi, This wonderful car with 124k on the clock had the battery protection error come up about 6 weeks ago - no ancillary power in the car. 1st garage said "battery" and replaced the secondary battery in the engine compartment. Error still came back. Returned the car, they said no fault found...
  13. A

    Winter Tyres E220 Estate

    Hi All, I got an E220 Estate a couple of month ago, and I wanted to buy tyres on blackcircle, although each time put my plates in I m offered with 245/45r 17 w 95 , while the ones (summer) I currently have are 225/50 r17 94y and I was wondering A) are those the original one ? B) any...
  14. A

    Estate Grip

    Hi All, I have been looking at buying an estate (E220 or CLS) in second hand, I am however wonder of the grip of the Mercedes on rainy and slippery roads and on snow. I drive often between Glasgow and Dundee and winter is coming ! Hence I am wondering if any of you had experience with...
  15. D

    w212 E220 2011 61 plate major fault

    we have a e220 w212 that jumped in to park at 30mph the fail safe did not cut in and made the car come to a very ubruped Holt the car was then taken to mercedes benz cardiff for investigation 2 weeks later and we now know that the car is still stuck in park and all mercedes are telling us is...
  16. D

    E220 CDI - Missing Clock settings on the Instrument Cluster

    Dear Fellow Enthusiasts, I was wondering if someone could help me decipher a very strange phenomenon please...! I am a proud owner of a C180 W203 (Almost Classic - I know). I somehow managed to convince a very good old friend to ditch his standard (Ford - Mondeo) for prestige - hence the E220...
  17. PovertySpec

    W211 E220 Thermostat Only?

    Anyone have a part number for the thermostat for W211 E220, without the housing? Seems a bit of a waste to change the whole thing. I have the part number for the stat with housing etc but can't find a part number for just the thermostat :confused: VIN is WDB2110082B214302
  18. R

    Fitting a tevion cd stereo - help please

    the merc cd stereo has died and to replace it have got hold of a tevion cd player, stereo etc, but apparently so that the controls on the steering wheel work i need to get a link wire kit to change the tevion stereo wiring to fit the merc wiring, however I dont know what i am trying to find...
  19. E

    Whiney rear end without throttle.

    Hi guys, My 95' W124 E220 Coupe has developed an alarming fault. The rear end (suspect diff) has started whining and knocking loudly all of a sudden. The knocking is intermittent and happens at any speed, throttle or non, for a few seconds and sounds like s heat shield vibrating in the wind...
  20. A

    Greetings - New [old] E220

    Hi, Hope all is well. I have visited this forum many-a-time looking for advice and tips. I have now taken the plunge and got myself a 1992 E220 Coupe. Hopefully collecting it tomorrow. [I will post a photo when I get one] This is my first MB, but a family member has had a few and...

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