1. R

    2020 C300 Coupe 4MATIC or 2017 E300 4MATIC

    Hey there, I'm new to the thread and am wanting an opinion on which car you guys would recommend purchasing. I'm buying a certified pre-owned Mercedes and I am going back and forth between two cars. 1. 2020 C300 Coupe 4MATIC 1,200 KM Selenite Grey Saddle brown/Black ARTICO Premium Package...
  2. A

    E Class 2016 w213 Saloon E220d SE

    Hi all, Hope everyones doing well. I am planning on purchasing a Mercedes E Class 2016 Saloon SE. The SE that I have found is a really nice spec with Pan roof and the single 12.3 inch screen for a reasonable price. However, the only thing that is concerning me is the fact that the exterior...
  3. T

    W212 E220 Won’t unlock / no ignition

    Hi guys, I recently encountered an issue with my e class. Went to unlock the car yesterday morning and it wouldn’t open from the fob (New battery in key and key seems to be working). Unlocked the car with the insert key and seems to have immobilised so alarm going off and no power to ignition...
  4. Janchee

    Radiator fan stays on after engine stopped (W213 66 E220d)

    Hi all, I've noticed that sometimes the radiator fan on my car stays on after a drive. Now, I know this is normal; however, the fan is still coming on even when it is freezing and driven exceptionally gently. The fan doesn't stay on all the time after a drive; however, I noticed it this...
  5. G

    Front passenger head rest wiring termination? - 2005 E Class Elegance S211 Estate

    Hi, I wish to regularly remove the front passenger head rest so that I can lay the interior as flat as possible for long loads. (Windsurf boards to be exact) The head rest stops the seat from going flat, it just over laps the the top of the back seat when folded down. I have removed the...
  6. T

    E Class Coupe Door Panels

    Hi All, New to the Forum and really need some help and advise. Ive just got my new E Class Coupe 2017 Model, I believe its a W213 but please forgive me if I'm wrong. I've attached a picture of it anyway for confirmation.. I really need some help and advise. Firstly, I worked for a Car Audio...
  7. P

    Timing Chain Eclass

    Hi everyone, just joined to passing advice about timing chain. I've had 7 MB, latest car a 2012 Eclass that I had for the last 3 years from 37k, now at 153K. Broke down last night, car just died. Turns out that timing chain snapped and came out through the back of the engine. I've not noticed...
  8. Alex240

    2009 w212 E-class, with 2007 engine?

    I'd really like some assistance in clarifying this. As some might know, I'm currently looking for a w212 e-class, here in Japan. A friend of my wife is currently scanning the auctions that he attends, to help me find a good one. He works in the motor industry, selling & modifying cars etc...
  9. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes E350 CDI Remapping

    Hey guys, Let me first start by saying Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! Lets hope 2015 will be good for all on the forum! Its looking like it will be very good for us indeed!! (Fingers crossed lol) Here is another E350 CDI which we have worked on earlier in the week, the customer had...
  10. T

    BAS warning on 1999 e300td

    hi, I'm looking for advice on dealing with this error code. I have seen a utube that claims the brake light switch is the probable cause or possibly the wheel speed sensors, but I don't have an abs light on.:confused: would be greatful for any help V K Regards Matt
  11. S

    E300TD 1998 Diesel leak. new pump?

    Hi Just pop my car into the garage after finding a pool of diesel under the car after the weekend. The mechanic has investigated and said the someone else has packed up the pump to hide the leak (duh) said its leaking at the union so will require a new one. It will require special tools to...

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