1. TechnoWhizz

    SLK R170 Window Stop issue

    Hi all, This is my second SLK 230 1998 R170 with window problems. The first's stop that is onglass came off and had to be reglued -and worked fine. With my current mischievous Millie, the problem is that the window goes up and down fine, but it overshoots the top window stop (towards the door...
  2. S

    CLK 230K Ignition / Electrical Problem

    Hi, I've had a series if problems recently. Some seem trivial but I'll detail all just in case they are relevant. First, the car went dead and wouldn't start. We wondered if this was due to having lights left on.. jumped it and all seemed ok. Once in a while we got the problem where the...
  3. W

    1998 SLK 230 Roof not opening

    Hi not sure if my question has been answered sonehwere else. My 1998 SLK 230 roof worked perfectly for 3 years, put it away in damp garage for 6 months, now just light flashing on console. Checked the 3 boot switches, all fine, roller blind is up. tried to release the allen bolt in roof but when...
  4. S

    SLK230 Mis-fire :( Thoughts please?

    Apologies for the length of this mail! My SLK 230 1999, 46k, intermittent use but regularly serviced and always reliable UNTIL after 5 weeks non-use and flat battery, restarted by mechanics jump leads and driven back to their (non Merc) garage for a service. My opinion after 2 secs of...
  5. M

    Just Bought a 1984 W123 230 Auto

    Hi All I have committed a cardinal sin and bought a 1984 W123 230 Auto off ebay without looking at it. From the pic's I got it does not look to bad but it has been sorned for the past six years. Can anyone give me advice on which workshop manual is is the best, also I require some door...
  6. P

    230clk wont kick down ecu?

    Hi, went to buy a nice CLK230 cabrio fsh, 117,000, runs smoothly but when I floored the accelerator nothing happened, then it started to run fairly rough but still ok at tick over. chap said it was probably because it had been sitting but then admitted this happened intermitently...feels like...
  7. A

    Cracked Manifold 230CLK 2001 kompressor

    Hi guys This is my first post! I have been deliberating selling my 2001 230CLK for a few months only done 66kmiles FSH mostly by merc. Any way sods law is that the manifold has now cracked i no it is a common problem and just a matter of time but it would have to be now!!!! Spoke to my...
  8. F

    a good place for convertable clk 230 parts?

    hey, just convinced my brother into buying a 230clk, a 2001 model, and its missing one or two things but for the price its pretty sharp. It's only a few sills and things that he can get from merc but im looking for a full set of grey mats and the document books aswell, such as i have a binder...
  9. A

    W124 230TE - oil pressure gauge

    I've just got myself back into the Mercedes family with an old 230TE auto. The engine runs smoothly enough, but the engine oil pressure gauge is a bit suspect. As soon as the key is in the ignition and the ancilliaries are on, the oil pressure guage shows "3" and it stays at "3" regardless. I'd...
  10. J

    SLK 230k Auto Gearbox problem

    Hi Everyone, can anyone possibly help me with this problem. I have a 1998 SLK 230 Komp which has done 60k. About 3 months ago we started to notice a metalic high pitched wering noise coming from the underside of the car when accellerating through the gears. This noise got much worse over the...
  11. C

    1977 230 (W123) Ignition Cuts Out

    Hi, I've posted before about this problem, but now think it is an electrical issue. Hope someone can help me out. My model is the 4 cylinder Stromberg carb version of the 230... it was purchased in Germany and brought to Canada. The problem is the engine cuts out under load at low RPM's...
  12. C

    1977 230 wont start

    So a strange thing happened... My 1977 230 had been starting very well, but suffered from a hunting problem when hot, so I decided to change a few parts just to make sure they weren't causing the problem. I changed the Ignition Coil, Distributer Cap and Rotor, plus the spark plug wires...
  13. C

    230 Misfire

    Hi, I am new to the forum and hope someone can help me out. I have a 1977 230 4 Cylinder Gas (115.954 engine with a Stromberg carb). When it runs (after about 20 minutes) and the engine idles in drive (like at a traffic light) it stutters and misfires. Sometime very badly (so I have to...
  14. D

    W111 Rear Suspension

    I've recently noticed the rear of my 1965 230s is riding very low. What is the likely cause of this? And what would be the recommended repair method? Thanks Will

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