1. D

    Low mileage W123 230E Auto Breaking

    Hi all, As we enter 2017 busier than ever, we have made the decision, with regret to create even more space here at our Surrey HQ. The latest sacrifice comes in the form of a lovely low mileage W123 230E which we had stripped for a full show n' shine resto. This car is now up for grabs as a...
  2. L

    Persistent ticking noise

    Hi everyone, newbie here :D For the past while I've been experiencing a light ticking noise whenever I let my car idle. I have found that pushing on either the brake or clutch pedals slightly causes the ticking to stop, but I really don't want to have to keep doing that for ever just to keep...
  3. A

    From Karachi with Love

    My name is Asif Khan, from Karachi, Pakistan. I am the proud owner of W124 230E. My first Mercedes ever :)
  4. busters the boy!

    W124 230e What's This Rattling Noise??

    Hello chaps Car has suddenly started to make this fierce racket on start-up. Only when cold. Was serviced last week and before that was running a bit lumpy due to fritzed distributor cap. That and spark plugs and leads replaced at service last week. Sounded normal after service, but about 4...
  5. 2

    230e W123 central locking

    Greeting all, I am a new member to the forum as I have recently bought a 91 230e w123 auto which my wife and I are extremely happy with. The day after buying her, we changed the tires and drove 900km to Mozambiqe without incident, 6 months there and the return trip. There are only a few issues...
  6. S

    W123 239E fuel pump

    Morning all, Having a few problems with the old girl. Started out with a rough idle, which i put down to it actually being used, and hoped that it would sort itself out once all the gunk had gone through the system. Idle started to get worse, so started investigating. Changed plugs, leads...
  7. S

    Seized Sunroof on 1985 w123 230E

    My sunroof does not work. I did the basics and tried a new fuse, as the old one had blown. Would it be the motor or is it more likely to be a bad connection somewhere? The switch moves, and you can hear the engine tone change very slightly as if its trying to power up, but nothing happens. With...
  8. M

    W123 230E Engine Decals

    I am want M102 Engine Decals for my 1984 W123 230E Can anyone help? Regards Mike
  9. L

    Odd electrical faults W123 230E

    :confused: A strange series of electrical faults have developed overnight with a number of seemingly connected things working or not working, previously everything worked perfectly Indicators not working Hazard lights working Rev counter not working speedo working fuel guage not...

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