1. W

    Newbie & Mudflaps for a W126?

    Afternoon all I've just signed up to the forum having recently purchased my 1990 W126 300se. She's got full MB history and only on 68,000 so plenty of life in the old girl yet. I'll get a picture up soon for you but I'm thrilled to be the owner of a piece of quality machinery. I do have...
  2. D

    300se smokes

    Hi guys I have a 1991 300se, w126. It produces a black smoke after filling petrol. My mechanic has changed a fuel distributor. Sometimes the smoke is NOT visible but i can feel it in my eyes when the windows are open. Sometimes the engine goes off when i am driving. It takes a bit long to change...
  3. walshy66

    The W126 Bug Has Struck Again

    I sold my 500SEL a fortnight ago&promised "her indoors" I'd get on with the decorating jobs around the house etc over winter. She was delighted because selling the car in her eyes meant I no longer needed "that pile of junk on the side drive" (my donor car). A man of my word I dueley listed...
  4. P

    Broken Bonnet Catch - 1988 300SE

    Hello. I'm new here. Found the forum while looking for spares. I live in France. The bonnet catch on my 1988 (RHD) 300SE has given way. Not sure of the details, took it to my local garage (not Mercedes) and they will be 'ringing round' to find spares this-afternoon, but don't seem all that...
  5. S

    IDLE Speed

    Looking for table with correct values for w126 300SE IDLE speed in Neutral and on Gear as have to adjust fuel/air mixture...
  6. S

    w126 300SE gearbox leaking and oil level

    hello all, I had a post about few weeks about small leaking from my gearbox, I have just checked the gearbox oil when the engine is off and level is okay, but when I trun on engine the level is way below the limit. I think so we need to check gearbox oil when engine is running, am I right. Do...
  7. S

    Replacing Distributor Cap in 300SE 1988

    Replacing Distributor Cap in 300SE 1988 w126 Hi all, I am replacing today Distributor Cap and Rotor in my Mercedes 300SE 1988 and have one small problem regarding one screw. There are 3 screws to at top and one at the middle bottom. Do I have to take out radiator so I can have access for that...

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