1. G

    Wiper failed, indicators stopped, r129

    1991 300SL r129. Hello; I have been having problems with the wiper not working and now the indicators are also not working, the problem has been intermittent but now not. I have been following the advice on the blogs up to this point. The lights are working and I recently installed a new febi...
  2. A

    R129 300sl 1991 Harmonic Damper Pulley Replacement

    Hi All I have a 1991 300SL, which has faulty crankshaft pulley. Unfortunately, we also need the pulley with the harmonic damper which MB have told us is no longer made!!! Help. Anyone know where we might get one from please. many thanks Alan
  3. S

    New Member - London - R107

    Just registered, hello all. I am just starting to restore a 1985 300SL. I have come here to seek some inspiration and advice. Can anyone recommend a supplier of replacement panels? Are any still available from what was previously called Hadrien panels? Has anyone else experience with using...
  4. D

    wiring Diagram cold running problem

    Hi I'm looking at a UK 1988 300SL for a friend. He has a cold running problem ( tick over at 500RPM) He's changed the cold start valve still the same... it has a feed I have put a feed across the idle control valve and runs better I need the following info 1. a Wiring Diagram...
  5. J

    Fuel Pump Relay, Electircs Issue

    Hi All, I need some advise\expertise if you could please. FYI: I know very little about mechanics but am learning :) I have a 300SL and have faced continuing issues with the fuse for the fuel pump relay blowing - the ABS light comes on too. Naturally I then faces issues starting the...
  6. M

    R129 7-slats grille

    Hi guys, My boyfriend had a car accident and he broke the front grille of R129 SL.... His birthday is in a month and I am secretly searching the grille for him...because he was so down when he came back with the dent on the grille. I did a bit of research. His one has 7 slats rather...
  7. N

    Is this my oil filter?

    I have a couple of questions here. Car in Question is a 192 - 1992 300SL 12v 1: do people here tend to change their oil base on miles or colour of oil? I've done a good 10k since my last change but the oil still looks brand new without a blackness. Would you still bother changing it? 2: I...
  8. D

    W107 indicator stalk not cancelling

    Hi I have a W107 1987 300SL and the indicator does not do a very good job of self cancelling. I understand that this is a fairly common problem. Aparently, you can't get the stalk part new. Does anyone know the part number and/or who might have a second hand one (that does not have the...
  9. A

    1992 300SL Soft top problem

    Hi there! I have a 1992 Mercedes 300SL, with one major problem! it had an aftermarket alarm system intaled when we bought the car, the alarm system started to play up and we could not turn it off so we took it out and instaled a new one... so down to the point.. the electric soft top will not...
  10. M

    Exhaust System for 300SL - non 24V

    The exhaust on my 1990 W129 went recently and I couldnt find ANYONE who does a replacement other than Mercedes. All the Exhaust centres turned me away. Merceded wanted £Stupid+VAT. Anyway, I found a place in Germany that has original Mercedes Parts and they could ship one to me for around...
  11. S

    R107 electric windows failure

    300 SL 1988 Both windows stopped working at the same time. Fuse for each window intact. Any ideas where I start to look for the fault?

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