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    Hello everyone...2009 R320L CDI..help and advise greatly appreciated..

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum but not new to MB in general...Born and raised in the family of Mercedes lovers that started in the early 90s with W123 and continued through out the years, I am currently the proud owner of 2009 R320L CDI bought in mid September 2017 with obviously OM642...
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    om642 320 cdi fuel rail sensor location

    Afternoon all, could anyone help me with the location of the fuel rail sensor location? Part number is Bosch 0281002504 - it also fits lots of VAG models Mercedes ref is A0041536728 Also the location of the pressure control valve if possible - Mercedes ref A6420740184 I have fault...
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    320 vs 350?

    I had a thought this morning, whether it would be worth chopping the A3 in now for something a leeetle bigger. It's a beautiful car, no doubt about it, lovely to drive, great performance if a little lacking in MPG over its Golf predecessor. But, reading various user posts on here I wondered if...
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    ML320 CDI code P2015 - Intake Manifold Runner Posn Sensor/Sw Curcuit Range/Perf

    Hi guys n gals, I've had a problem with my glow plugs not working recently (fault code P0670 - Glow Plug Module Control Circuit) and I'm busy working that problem. However I still need to use the car to get to work etc and the other day I finished a nightshift and it had been freezing for...
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    Hello there!

    Hi all, I'm a committed car nut who has always loved Mercedes Benz. Recently bought my first one after our ageing daily hack 328i Touring gave up the ghost. Now the proud owner of a 2006 S203 C320 CDI Sport Edition with 7-G. I absolutely love it so far. Picture attached. Been lurking...
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    E320 CDI Sport 18" Alloy Wheel

    urgently require an 18" sport "Twin spoke" alloy wheel after cracking existing wheel hitting a bad pothole in the road. Preferably a used rather than new. Can anyone help?
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