1. I

    W219 Airmatic - Troubleshooting!

    Hello all. I've been having some airmatic issues with my 2006 CLS500. For context, it's done 113k miles and sadly over winter it sat for a few weeks at a time without usage as I wasn't about. Whilst anticipating issues between 100-120k, all my troubles have come at once. I noticed a rear arch...
  2. S

    E320 Cdi Avantgarde 2006 Airmatic Relay location

    Hi all, I am having a huge struggle locating the Airmatic Relay on my E320 Cdi. Hours trawling relay maps and relay info/videos leads me to a discrepancy in what my actual fuse box shows. In short: My rear suspension has dropped. I have ascertained that no power is getting to the compressor...
  3. s5tuart

    CLS 400 Shooting Brake

    I think I may be fishing in a dead river! I’ve finally decided what I’d like to buy once my flat has sold but I’m wondering if I’ve overreached I’d like a 2015 on model (facelift?)but I would really like the following; Premium Plus (If that’s an option) Distronic Airmatic Sunroof (or Pano if...
  4. J

    Airmatic code 5507

    Hey all, C219 with airmatic, front left strut just changed due to split and caused red car too low message. Strut changed over but now after a min or two white message saying airmatic visit workshop. Have scanned and cleared all airmatic faults but code 5507 - “suspension strut is...
  5. SteveB73

    Airmatic query

    Hi All, I have like so many w220 owners some airmatic issues. I have an old snap on Ethos diagnostic box, which reads the air suspension okay, however, when i look at 'live' data for suspension it only displays info for left front level and body accelerator. The box also picked up trouble...
  6. P

    2003 S-class airmatic suspension prblem

    Dear Mercedes Owners, I have a problem with the airmatic suspension on a 2003 S-Class, petrol. The issue is that the car will drive okay and the suspension is at the correct height, however , if left over night, the suspension will gradually lower so that by morning, the front tires are sitting...
  7. J


    Over the last few months my airmatic rear suspension has been slowly going down over a few days. When i started the car up it would pump up the correct level quickly and stay at that level. A few weeks ago i started the car up after not using it for a few days and it came up with an error for...
  8. E

    Does this E320 (2004 S211) have air suspension that can fail a-la-Airmatic?

    Hello, I have read here and there that S211 have rear suspension leveling, even if they don't have the airmatic option. Is that true? And if yes, does it fail like the Airmatic suspension? Is it as expensive to fix? If that is the case, it means that it is really not interesting to buy...
  9. J

    CLS Airmatic issue - advice please

    Hi All, I have a 2006 320cdi with airmatic, has had the front suspension refreshed about 3000 miles ago, last night the drivers front suspension went down....i started the car and it lifted as normal. Drove about 100 feet and the red "car too low warning" flashed up. Its completely down now...
  10. N

    GL Suspension-How long should it take to Raise/Lower

    Hi I have recently bought a GL320 on a 57 plate. I wondered how long (approximately) the suspension should take to raise up to the highest setting? Also then to go back down again. Also it seems more reluctant to go all the way up if the ground is not flat. Is this normal. Maybe to do with...
  11. G

    Aerosus Airmatic struts

    Hi Anyone heard of Aerosus germany Struts look cheap and they say they are new not rebuilt with 2 year warranty
  12. Irresistance

    W220 - Airmatic DOES go stale!

    Hello people, Okay... so I have finally gotten around to replacing my rear Airmatic struts in the W220. Long debated whether to go for regenerated ones or not, but in the end decided to take the plunge and get two new Bilstein struts. Cost me about 800GBP. So. What are the effects? As...
  13. Irresistance

    W220 Airmatic - Can I adjust the firmness of the ride on STAR?

    Hello, Can not find a definitive answer on this one. I read a few posts that you can adjust the ride height on STAR - but I am curious whether it is possible to adjust the firmness (of the comfort setting) on STAR as well. In my car, "comfort" feels a bit like (I think) Sport should...
  14. Y

    Airmatic - Car too low, stop car

    I bought the car privately a few months ago, and found out that it needed a new turbo, as there was was no power and kick-down. After spending over a £1000 ( a mechanic I have known for over 12 years ), there was still no kick down. But recently, a message has been displayed, "Airmatic -...
  15. N

    W220 Rear Suspension Issue One Side

    Hi, I have just purchased my first MB, a lovely 2003 34000mile S500, however I have a problem. The passenger side rear suspension is sitting a lot lower than the other side. When I tried the airmatic lift, this temporarily corrected it to the correct height. Howver after a few hours that side of...
  16. G

    W220 S500 2003 Rear Airmatic Strut

    Hi All The solenoid assembly has just fallen off the N/S/R strut so I now need a new strut. Does anybody know where I can get one for a reasonable price without having to sell one of my kids ? Also is there anything tricky about fitting a rear strut or is it just a case of remove old and...
  17. F

    W220 - Noisy Suspension Pump

    Hey all, I've been trawling this forum for a couple of weeks and it was a great help in saving me a fortune fixing my heater blower last weekend, instead of paying £400.00 to have a new one fitted I simply removed it, unseized the motor, lubed the bearings, tested it on my car battery then...
  18. K

    About to buy a W220 and need some advice

    Hello all, Having read many useful posts on this forum, I am about to buy a facelifted W220, but I still have a few outstanding questions after doing some searches and would be most grateful to hear from any s class owners: - 1. I read that the airmatic should take about 30 secs to raise...
  19. L

    w220 s class suspension fuse location?

    Hi, As I am still experiencing a 'painfull' overnight battery drain (which may be related to the airmatic pump waking up), can anyone please tell me where the fuse is for it? I can then pull it overnight and see if it makes any difference... Also, the location of the fuse for the air con...

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