auto box problem

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    W204 7g auto gearbox problem

    Hi guys am new to this forum. I have 2011 w204 c220cdi 7g auto. I’ve owned the car since February this year and have had bad luck ever since. Am having issues with my gearbox which is costing me a fortune. The problems are Gears struggling to change No kick down Goes into limp mode Aggressive...
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    Help!!! Automatic Gear Over-revs

    Hi, new to this forum! I have a Mercedes A Class AMG Sport 1.8, Manual Gear paddles, Auto Economic and Auto Sport gear shift settings, When in auto, the car occasionally gets to 3rd gear, then instead of shifting up to 4th it will over-rev and then jolt and shift up to 4th. Any ideas what...
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    A220 AMG 2014 Auto gear box problem.

    Hi I'm new to this forum and hoping I've posted in the right area. Have a problem that started yesterday, When pulling away in 1st the car seems to have a lul and is not changing gear quick enough then after a few seconds corrects itself and flies forward, mainly 1st, 2nd and third and then the...
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    Sl500 not manual shifting

    hi I recently purchased a dream car of mine, a 2002 SL500, on the drive home it was fine but since then has develloped a problem. When i slow to take a corner it doesn’t change down so it stays in a high gear making it very sluggish after the turn, i tried manually changing down by tapping...
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    Automatic box - gear change

    My car is a C180 kompressor 2006. When starting it revs to about 1200 then drops back to 1000 idlling and down to about 800 when I select drive. Is that normal to rev quite so fast when initially started? I would think a more 'gentle' tick-over? Is it better practice to wait for the revs to fall...
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    W204 250 AMG Auto Box Jumping into Manual Mode on its own

    Can anyone help please? I have just bought my first Mercedes, a 2011 W204 250 C Class Estate (Facelift model) with7 speed auto box. I have had it about 3 months and sometimes I find that the when slowing and stopping that when I pull away again that the auto box has swapped into Manual mode on...
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    Mercedes A140 1.4 classic auto box problem

    :confused:Hi all can anybody offer advice,when i put my car into drive the car starts off slowly, after accelerating the car changes to second gear and drives fine. I'm assuming that first gear is missed??

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