battery change

  1. K

    CLA180 Battery replacement and PCM reset

    Hi Guys, I was planning to replace the Starter Battery and I know some requires the PCM to be reset so Alternator doesn’t overcharge. Is there any chance anyone can confirm if 2018 cla180 follows that trend? The manual provides option to DIY and not necessarily dealer/garage but doesn’t talk...
  2. R

    A220 all warning lights on after flat battery

    Hi guys. Recently, just before Xmas, my missus was about to set off for work and all the lights come on the car (A220 2014) and it wouldn’t start. Long story short, was a flat battery. So that got changed, cut to week later lights back on dash and wouldn’t move. So then alternater got changed...
  3. P

    Need some help recharging/finding a new battery (GLC250 Petrol, 2018 reg, 1991cc)

    Hello I have a GLC 250 petrol version. I need help with choosing the correct car battery. Recently I had to stay out of the country for a couple of months and now I'm back in the UK. Naturally, the car was a nonrunner and the battery has completely died. I called the breakdown service and the...
  4. N

    Replacing battery, battery Amps, C200 205 series Sport estate

    Hi, I need to replace the battery on our c200 205 series (with stop start) and wanted to know if the lack of power during the short changeover will result in any issues such as radio, clock settings being lost, or indeed anything more series. I know for our CLC 203 series, changing the battery...
  5. B

    E320 Estate, S211, 2006 - high pitch noise from boot after battery change

    I had a battery warning on the dash and thought I'd changed the starter battery located in the boot. The old battery recently showed well below 10v and when I cranked it, it dropped to about 7v and would not start - that's why I thought a new battery was in order. I followed advice/procedure...
  6. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL280 R129 Battery Replacement

    Hi Has anybody got any experience of changing the battery in the R129 SL 280, very large oblong type battery which holds its charge but for precaution Im topping her up via trickle charge (CTEX MXS) every 2 weeks which works fine. Im having the intermittent fault in starting the old girl where...
  7. D

    C220 CDI W204 2007 Error codes gone after batt change?

    Hi, My C220 CDI 2007 W204 showed the following errors via the iCarsoftt MBII diagnostic BEFORE the battery was changed: Component Y100/1 (Right charge pressure positioner) has a short circuit to ground Check component G3/2 (O2 sensor upstream of cat) Short A10D00 The power supply is too low...
  8. T

    Battery Change Procedure CLK

    Hi, I found this thread Can the Slave Battery be installed in another car and connected using Jump Leads with the "Salve Cars" engine not running?

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