battery drain

  1. P

    Need some help recharging/finding a new battery (GLC250 Petrol, 2018 reg, 1991cc)

    Hello I have a GLC 250 petrol version. I need help with choosing the correct car battery. Recently I had to stay out of the country for a couple of months and now I'm back in the UK. Naturally, the car was a nonrunner and the battery has completely died. I called the breakdown service and the...
  2. N

    Viano Electric Doors & Alarm

    Hi there, New to the forum, and looking for a bit of advice on electric Vito/Viano doors if anyone experienced similar? I've searched around but not found an obvious solution. Our Viano goes through stages where the alarm goes off every few days, totally unprovoked. We seem to have narrowed it...
  3. 1

    w211 e320 2003 - 2 leads coming from the positive terminal of the main battery

    Hi I have been trying to do a parasitic drain test which has been fun because the normaal disconnect the negative terminal and put multi meter in series with the earth and the negative terminal just kept blowing the fuse in the meter. Anyway I have now figured out how to do it now. The point of...
  4. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL280 R129 Battery Replacement

    Hi Has anybody got any experience of changing the battery in the R129 SL 280, very large oblong type battery which holds its charge but for precaution Im topping her up via trickle charge (CTEX MXS) every 2 weeks which works fine. Im having the intermittent fault in starting the old girl where...
  5. T

    W204 Battery drain and Front Sam problem

    Hello all hope someone can help. About 2 months ago I went to start my Mercedes c class 2011 plate and on my dash it come up two errors. Run Flats inoperable and ESP inoperable. So I turned the car back off waited a minute and it was fine. A few weeks later the car did this again so I turned...
  6. G

    Battery drain & After market wiring E Class S211 260CDI (2006)

    I have just got back to my new to me S211 having been away for a month, to a totally dead battery! (Battery 6 months old) No clicks, flickers, anything, dead as a post. Only Manual door lock working. I think have traced the drain down to an after market fuse in the boot, under where the Nav DVD...
  7. ady74

    A Deaded Drain on w211

    Opinions on my 2005 W211 petrol Merc. It has a intermittent Drain it can go for 5days and not drain then it can drain in a hour!!!! Its had a new battery and my Mercedes garage put a meter on a few times and showing no drain and nothing showing on the Star. He suggested it is a high chance its a...
  8. S

    Dashboard lights

    I have a 2000 clk 230k sport and for some reason my dashboard lights don't turn off. The background light does when lights are turned off but you can still see the mileage time ect and I think it' draining my battery (there might be other bits draining it as well but it can' help) is this a...
  9. K

    R230 - Alarm signal horn communication

    I have recently had my 2003 SL500 hooked up to STAR. Amongst other things, it has identified a current and stored fault which is 'Fault Code B1341 - Fault in communication with component H3 (alarm signal horn)'. Can anyone please throw light on how I may get this rectified whilst avoiding the...
  10. B

    Battery drain problems - shop recommendation

    Hi, Have had a battery drain problem with my w215 (2002 Cl500) for some time now and my limited knowledge and skills have only got me so far... Feel it is time to get it to someone that knows their stuff. Got to the car this morning and it had drained overnight which is a first, either it has...
  11. B

    W215 battery drain, fuses located

    Hi, Have had an issue with my battery draining so went to Maplin and bought a car current tester, fuse ammeter. They sell one with article number N48CY for I think it was 13 pounds in case someone else needs one. By checking each and every fuse I have now located a few where there was a current...
  12. J

    HELP! Mercedes Cl500 W215, Battery Draining very quick!

    Hello there, I am hoping i can (once again) pick your brains, to try and understand the problem my lovely Mercedes is showing! I have a w215, CL500 2002. Brilliant car, absolute beauty. However.. If for example i drive to my Mrs's house, ill park the car on the drive, come to...
  13. SmoothBall

    Would radio on for 3 hrs run battery flat?

    Hi, Was cleaning the car at the weekend with the radio turned on. Volume was quite high so I could still hear it with the windows up. It was turned on for three hours, and the engine wasn't running. Afterwards, the battery wouldn't turn the starter motor when I turned the key in the ignition...
  14. B

    E320 cdi command problem?

    Hi guys i apologise if this question already has a thread running but i can't find it if thats the case. I have a 2003 E320cdi with fsh and with full command system, I left it at an airport carpark recently and upon my return the command display turned itself off after about 20 minutes of...
  15. R

    E200 won't start since flat battery

    Hello all... i am new here hoping to find answer to car not starting. 1996 E200 Elegance Sequence of events.. flat battery replaced with brand new... battery still draining.. left alone for 5 days went completely flat.. jump started successfully.. locked car using remote... next day remote...
  16. L

    w220 s class suspension fuse location?

    Hi, As I am still experiencing a 'painfull' overnight battery drain (which may be related to the airmatic pump waking up), can anyone please tell me where the fuse is for it? I can then pull it overnight and see if it makes any difference... Also, the location of the fuse for the air con...

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