1. bertg

    HeadLamps For Europe B Class 2013 W246

    Planning a long drive to Italy in our B Class 2013 W246. Any info regarding headlamps etc and essentials i should have in the car would be gratefully appreciated..
  2. bertg

    Bodywork Recommendations Near Croydon

    Can someone please recommend a good bodyshop please near Croydon S London. I have a 2013 Bclass W246 that needs some TLC. Umberto
  3. bertg

    Garage Recommendations In S.London Please

    After yet another recall for our 2013 B Class, this time something to do with the braking systems MB Croydon have suggested Front Pads 80% worn and Front Disks are 0.4 away from recommended thickness, they did mention in fairness that until the warning light comes on we will be ok. Could someone...
  4. bertg

    Run Flat Sensor

    Could someone briefly explain how the runflat indicator on my 2013 W246 works please? Cheers Umberto
  5. bertg

    Apple Car Play

    Good Afternoon, I have a W246 2013 with the Audio 20 Media Interface add on from the factory. According to my local MB dealer Apple Car Play isn't available.. Surely as it's only software can anyone out there shed any light on this please. Cheers
  6. bertg

    Becker Map Pilot Announcements

    Good Morning, Unless i'm being completely stupid could someone please tell me how to turn her volume up. I've checked all the settings and nothing seems obvious. :confused:
  7. bertg

    Start Stop Technology

    Could someone explain how this works please. What i do know is that when the car is stationary the engine cuts off then comes on again when either the clutch is engaged or the accelerator is pressed. I have also read somewhere that on the new b class(w246) the system is connected to the aircon...
  8. bertg

    W Codes.

    As a newbie to this forum and Benz cars in general can someone explain why these cars are often described with W Codes? :confused:
  9. P

    Mercedes B180

    Hi, I can't open my boot. It just not reacting when Im pressing button. There is no option for key :(. Any advise please. Double pushchair inside and I cant take it out becasue of this. Yestrday I did put som WD40 as wasnt opening each time so I was thinking that this will help but it didnt...

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