bluetooth adapter

  1. Pipemaster

    Bluetooth SL350 2006 connecting to smartphone SAP version?

    Hi I have been away from here for a while (sorry to see Television has passed away) but have bought an SL350 and i want to connect a bluetooth mobile to it. I bought a Cradle Adapter for the UHI connector in the armrest from Ebay SAP v2 SLR B67875840 PEIKER and i am having trouble getting it to...
  2. WoodyBristol

    Bluetooth Receiver / Transmitter Plugged into Aux input

    Hello CLK320 / A209 / 2005 Sat Nav head unit / 6 disc CD Changer. Unsure of the model number To connect my iPhone XS to Aux. I use a Bluetooth receiver / transmitter. The particular model I use is a Smartbean. I think it cost me £10 a while back. There are loads of similar options on eBay...
  3. R

    SL 230 - NTG1 - Audio options (Bluetooth, AUX, Ipod, Iphone)

    Hello All, I have been scouring the net to find the best solution to incorporating an AUX into my 2007 SL (R230) with NTG1 (Sat nav player in the boot). I have the Phone connections - but the Bluetooth dongles do not allow the sending of music, only voice data - unless i am incorrect? I...
  4. P

    C160 (2006) questions from a new member

    Hi all Hello everyone, I have just joined the forum as I have just purchased a 2006 C-Class. I have been reading about connecting a phone via a socket in the glove compartment or under the arm rest. Unfortunately I don't seem to have any sockets in either, but I notice towards the back of...
  5. E

    A Class Bluetooth Connectivity using the ViseeO MB-4

    Hi there, I have a 2006 A200 Elegance with Comand APS v2.0 and Phone pre-wire. I am thinking about fitting a bluetooth adapter to the phone pre-wire and I am looking at the Mercedes SAP v3 or the ViseeO MB-4. Does anyone know if the ViseeO MB-4 uses the car aerial for phone reception or...
  6. M

    [Wanted] MB SAP V3 Bluetooth Unit

    Hi, Just bought an 08 Merc and it is prewired for phone. Spent a good hour understanding all the options for bluetoothing my blackberry and I'd like to go for the MB SAP V3 Unit, but at best part of £400 new its a bit rich for my taste so wondering if there was anyone out there with a used one...
  7. G

    [Wanted] ViseeO MBU2 Mercedes Bluetooth Adaptor

    Wanted, ViseeO MBU2 Mercedes Bluetooth Adaptor for UHI/MHI Connector or very similar! Looking for reasonably priced kit in perfect working order, to fit 2007 E-class with centre armrest cradle.