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    My right hand indicator, tail gate electronic locking and rear wipe not working

    Hi all. Don't know if anyone can help me but, when we returned after a month in Australia after all the really poor weather in February, my 220 CDi estate wouldn't start. A friend used jump leads to start it but, stupidly although he attached them the right way round on my car, he put them on...
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    Clk320 208 2001 anti roll bar problem

    Hi, i have a issue with the roll bars going up or down on my clk320 208 model, when i open the roof the windows go down but the roll bars dont, they will operate from the switch but i have to manually release the rear part of the roof from the tournee by using the key spanner in the boot.the...
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    W202 Boot / Trunk release

    Hi, I have encountered a significant issue with my much loved 202. It looks like I have blown a fuse, which controls the central locking and boot. The guidance I have had is that the blown fuse is in the boot, which will not open either by the fob, key, or console switch. I have pumped litres...
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    Flat battery boot wont open

    My new battery has died for some reason but I cant get into the boot to charge it. Iv tried the key blade in the boot lock it turns fine but wont open.
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    not the usual w203 boot lock problem

    Hi all, First proper post so go easy. Ive done quite a bit of searching on this problem and all I seem to find is the usual boot latch needs replacing but thats already done so I think this may be a tad more rare. My boot wouldnt open from the remote when I bought the car and upon inspection...
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    Help - Boot Lock malfunction during fitting of tow bar

    Mercedes c200 1998 - I am trying to fit a Ryder Towbar Relay and have hit a problem. It keeps blowing a fuse and the the boot lock will not open electronically ( I have managed to get in with the key) Any suggestions would be appreciated Tiger: ps have disconnected the relay completely...
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    boot won't shut

    Please can anyone advise me - for no apparent reason and without any other warning, the boot door would not shut on my C220K this afternoon. I tried everything I could think of - using the key in the boot lock instead of the remote, fiddling with the locking mechanism etc. I noticed that the...
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    Boot Lock Seized Up

    Hello. I have a 220E CDI, first registered in Jan 2003. Recently, I had a flat battery through inadvertently leaving the lights on! Anyway, I tried to use the emergency key to open the boot lock manually, so I could access the battery to take to Mercedes for replacement, only to discover...
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    Boot release, window position, electric seat position falts on CLK430

    Boot release, window position, electric seat position faults on CLK430 The boot release does not work but shows the red boot open light on the release switch even while locked shut. Mechanical key will open and close. Passenger window drops an inch or so when openning the door and does not...
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    Boot release button has stopped working.

    1998 W202 c200 sport I put some bags in my boot and closed the lid as normal, then I forgot I needed something out of one of the bags. I tried the button on the key fob as normal. . . . nothing, ok I thought I will use the release button by the gear stick. . . . nothing. Last resort I will...

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