c180 kompressor

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    C180 Engine Control Unit

    The Engine Diagnostic Indicator of my C180 Kompressor/Blue Efficiency came on a couple of days ago. I went to a garage. The mechanic checked but found no problem. He reset it and said that if it came on again, it could be an indication the engine control unit might be faulty. That would be an...
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    C180 V Belt Tensioner pulley chirping noise

    Hi all I have occasional loud chirping coming from one of the pulleys on a 10 year old C180 (as far as I can tell that's where the noise is coming from). To fix it I am going to change the V belt, Idler pulley and the pulley on the V belt tensioner. I do not want to change the entire...
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    w203 indicator stalk and washer pump

    I have 2004 C180 kompressor went to press the windscreen washer stalk to find out no water was spraying, no pump noise and the windscreen wipers aren't moving. So I've checked the pump even replaced it and still no movement. I'm now thinking it could be something to do with the indicator stalk...
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    Cam sensor leaking on C180K W203

    Hello , I have a 2006 C180 kompressor (W203.046 type) , with 271.946 engine. I noticed the cam sensors were leaking oil and their electric connectors got oily (see attached pics). I've read somewhere that this is serious as eventually the oil makes it all the way into the ECU and O2 sensor...

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