1. J

    Auto gearbox won't change gear?

    Hi, New to the forum. I have had my C180K SE Coupe (2004) for about 10 years now and it has been very good up until a few weeks ago when the gearbox would not change gear. I looked up a few similar topics and it seemed to be the Lever Selector Position. I bought a second hand one that I was...
  2. rolfy

    MB Service History

    Just said goodbye to my 2003 C220 CDI Coupe. Lovely car but a real rot-box. The good news is I traded it in for a 2007 C180 Kompressor Petrol version. This car only has 20,000 miles on it, looks and drives like it's brand new and has a full MB service history. I think the stealership...
  3. P

    Is it Fuel Evaporation?

    I have a 2007 C180K. Even with 135,000 miles it drives really well. It starts from cold first time. However if it stands for, say an hour or so, when I start it, the engine turns over several times but always still starts. Does anyone know of this problem and what should I do to fix it please...
  4. S

    2007 C180K W204 Timing Chain / Worn Sprockets Issue

    Hi all, Apologies for another thread about this issue but I just want to know if there are likely to be future problems once this is fixed..... I have a problem with my timing chain. The car wouldn't start one morning and after having it towed to an garage, it was diagnosed as having a...
  5. I

    C180K Ignition Start Problem

    Hey guys, Ive got a 2006 automatic C180K and ive been having a problem with the ignition start up for the last 6 months. Whether the car is hot or cold, every now and then, more often then usual it would crank but not start. After several attempts it would start normally. Sometimes the...
  6. R

    Wing mirror indicator lens on C180

    The wing mirror indicator lens on my lovely 2008 C180 Kompressor is broken and needs replacing. Can anyone help?
  7. E

    Blow By on C180k (LPG Convert)

    Hi Everyone, I recently got my Mercedes C180k 1.8 (w203) converted to run on LPG. After conversion, I was having a few problems, and whilst we were investigating, the LPG Fitter opened the Motor Oil filler cap, and there was fumes coming out along with a knocking noise. Now I'm no...
  8. P

    Dead cluster and today dead ignition

    Good evening everyone, Our car is a 2002, W203 c180K automatic estate, 62k on the clock and normally drives fantastic. Yesterday I started the car to drive back home, only to realise all cluster lights, gauges, computer etc. were dead (i.e the whole cluster). Apart from that it started...
  9. L

    C180k Sport Coupe running rough

    Hi all, Please go easy on me, Im not a mechanically minded lass, and I am a little anxious with this situation. Wonder if anyone could offer any advice. I have a 03 plate C180K, well serviced, just topped 80k on the clock. It has never had any running problems, so I was surprised the other day...

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