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Sep 2, 2020
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C180K SE 2004 Coupe

New to the forum.

I have had my C180K SE Coupe (2004) for about 10 years now and it has been very good up until a few weeks ago when the gearbox would not change gear. I looked up a few similar topics and it seemed to be the Lever Selector Position. I bought a second hand one that I was assured had been tested and was fine, according to my mechanic, he could not buy this from Mercedes unless I gave a lot of documentation and details. Anyway it is fitted and works for about 3 days and then back to the old problem. On the diagnostic it brings up the same fault as before which leads my mechanic to think it could be the actual unit (Gear lever unit that sits on top of the Selector Position unit). I just wanted to check if others think it could be this before I buy one and fit it.

If i were to describe the problem and what happens. The car starts and enters Drive and if it is choosing to play up it makes a jolting motion, then i drive the car down the road (in 1st gear), pull over, and then can only get it into Neutral or Drive. I turn off the car and can then change into Park. I can then start the car up and use the car normally for the rest of that journey.

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and what the solution may be.

I've spent about £500 on it so far and the car is not worth much more but I need a daily driver and think im close to solving the issue. The car also seems to be on the cusp of 2 models i think, W203 and W204(maybe).

Any help would be really appreciated. If anyone wants anymore info then just let me know,

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