gearbox problem

  1. J

    Auto gearbox won't change gear?

    Hi, New to the forum. I have had my C180K SE Coupe (2004) for about 10 years now and it has been very good up until a few weeks ago when the gearbox would not change gear. I looked up a few similar topics and it seemed to be the Lever Selector Position. I bought a second hand one that I was...
  2. A

    E63 Torque converter cost

    Hi I have taken my car into a mb specialist in kent I am based in medway. Having judering from start up especially in cold weather. They have diagnosed it to be the torque converter which seems a common issue as has done 90k miles. They priced the job at £1,400 this is for a replacement wet...
  3. Adrian Montagu

    E280 cdi 2006 - SOMETIMES - won't let me back into R or Park!

    Hi all, This is a bit unusual. Sometimes my gear selector will not allow me to return from Drive or Neutral back to Reverse or Park. To move the selector, I release the foot brake and I am able to return to R or PARK. The intermittent problems are always the worst! I have replaced the brake...
  4. moj91

    Can anyone recommend good Auto Gearbox specialists in/around Northamptonshire?

    Can anyone recommend good Auto Gearbox specialists in/around/near to Northamptonshire please? Our W220 has decided to loose drive, however the 722.6 gearbox will toque load well when stationary. No noticeable clunks or clanks and it was working perfectly fine when driving before drive was...
  5. A

    2002 C200K Estate - Misfire under load - jerky gearbox

    Hi All, I bought my first Mercedes two weeks ago - a 2002 C200 Kompressor Estate. As I bought it from a garage, I've got a 3 month warranty. Sadly, it's already gone wrong after a week of driving. If I use more than 50% of the throttle, the car starts misfiring and then won't stop...
  6. H

    Auto Gearbox Jerk- W204 Coupe C220d

    Hello All! Noticed a few times whilst driving, that my car seems to jerk when I come to a complete stop! I took my car to the local dealer who said the car needed a software-update. However, I don't seem to think that this has done the trick. Anyone else have the same issue?
  7. M

    W168 after 1 month stopped, problem with at D gearbox

    Hello all, Can i ask for a class w168 automatic gearbox. I forgot keys and after 1 month half i make a new key and i turn on the car. But the problem is when i put on D the gearbox, the car take the 1st after 1second and give a hard pushed. I diagnosed the gearbox and no error code. The...
  8. S

    a190 w168 tiptronic gearbox fail - no 'F' sign

    Hello, My 2000' baby benz is having a weird problem, which I hope the good people of this forum can help me with. The problem is intermittent. Usually, when I switch from 'N' to 'D' or to 'R', I feel the gearbox "kick in" and then I can drive away. Recently, however, when I switch...
  9. M

    W211 E-220 REAL TIME Data: Can you read the problem?

    Hello members, I am troubleshooting a 722.699 gearbox with "no acceleration/no power" in D or R mode. I have a E-220 CDi [W211] - 2002 with 234k km. Performed the ATF service and changed the Electronic Conductor Plate/Plug/Seals. But still after few days of driving this stubborn car is in "Stand...
  10. M


    Hi, Good Morning I hope everybody is very well & enjoying your weekend, I had a bit expensive & worried weekend. Just bought a (Merc,c200 cdi,54plate unfortunately auto) spent about £600 on tyres,bushes,arms suspension,brake discs, but still got below problems. 1) When i start my car...
  11. F

    Auto Stuck In '2nd' Gear

    Sprinter 318 Auto 2007.Van starts as normal,put it into D and van moves but won't get above '2nd' gear.It just makes the revs get extremely high.Any help would be appreciated.The battery did go dead before this happened,would this cause anything? Thanks :confused:
  12. C

    Gearbox Needed ?

    My troublesome 1999 C240 sport has finally had its repair done but we were unable to refit the gearbox. on close inspection we found the 2 lugs that i belive locate in the torque converter have sheered off preventing the refitting. can this be fixed or do i need a replacement box and if so where...
  13. G

    Gearbox problems A140

    Chaps, Got A140 Avantgarde automatic 2001 registration. It is stuck in 1st gear, got gearbox problem. Garage says something to do with electric motor and needs replacing. Approx £1,500. If this is the case, probably scrap the car, more than than the car is worth. Pity, only done 41k and in...
  14. 4

    s600 gearbox issues

    Good afternoon all, I have an issue with the V12. It started with a reluctance to select reverse, but quickly moved to no selection of gears at all, and now will intermittently select 1st only. Kick-down doesn't work, nor manual gear selection. Help and expertise greatly appreciated, Nick
  15. D

    Gearbox C220 CDi

    C220 cdi 2004. When i try to accelarate once i reach about 20,000 rpm i hear a jet of air and lose power, gear changes take too long. I underastand there is a hose or something similar that might me broken but i have no idea where it is or if this is thge problem or not...can anyone help ?
  16. H

    E270 gearbox

    My 2003 E 270 has a broken gearbox. I phoned two independents and they both had experience of the same problem with several 270s. What is going on? I spent £1200 two years ago on a new torque converter, is this the sae problem. I a now faced with a bill for £4000 for a new gearbox on...
  17. J

    E320 CDI - Intermittent No Kickdown & Power Loss

    Dear All, My E320cdi automatic (w210 late 2000 with 90k miles) has an intermittent problem whereby : - It won't kickdown, or even change down on the throttle. - It seems to lack power in whatever gear I select manually. - Seems unwilling to rev much over 2000 rpm. I have clean...
  18. T

    Problems getting into 1st and reverse

    I have a '05 C200 manual 6speed Diesel Mercedes. Lately i have had trouble getting it into 1st gear and reverse. It is very stiff and feels as if i am forcing it in. This happens more so when the engine is cold. After about 5-10 miles it isnt really a problem until about 4-5hours later. (The car...
  19. I

    Gear box slipping

    In my 1998 E300 automatic over the last months I have seem to be pushing the accelerator further to get moving especially in the mornings. Also a couple of times (in morning) seems to come out of gear altogether for a few seconds. My local garage are scared to tough the gearbox. What do I do?
  20. B

    Potentially dangerous gear change issue

    I have an E320CDI on a 57 plate. It has an auto gearbox with Tiptronic. I have had an issue for some months now that Mercedes have tried to rectify three times with no success. The issue occurs when the auto gearbox cannot decide which gear to select. This used to happen under hard...

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