1. Noddy 99

    Automatic Gearbox Service

    Hello, chaps, My 93,000 mile E280 CDI Sport 7G-tronic had a MB dealer gearbox service at 37,000 miles under the previous owner. I've combed through the service history, expecting to find another one at 72,000 miles. There wasn't one. I've since found out that this is exactly as it "should"...
  2. C

    w211 and w212 gearbox

    does the w211 and the w212 have the same gearbox if so does it have the same torque converter
  3. Z

    W203 2002 C270 CDI aut - Not changing gears after fast acceleration

    Hey, Sometimes, after a fast acceleration the automatic gearbox will not go out of its current gear. I need to restart the car and then it behaves normally. (This problem only appears if i accelerate quick.) Do you guys know what the problem might be? And how to fix this issue? Thanks in...
  4. J

    engine light

    Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. My car is a 2001 CLK 230 kompressor. About 3 months ago the engine light came on but I kept driving the car until one day I noticed a loss of power, I restarted the car and the problem went away but I felt we should get it checked out so I took it to...
  5. Andrew Donnelly

    Advice on Mercedes W124 95’ Auto

    Hi, Having problem and hoping for advice. After car went in for service and rocker gasket replacement, I find it under revs and pulls away sluggishly in 1st gear. Almost cuts out when pulling away, seems to be a delay. Auto box goes through rest of gears smoothly. Appreciate any help!
  6. E

    W163 (ML270cdi) Gearbox Identification

    Can anyone help me check the compatibility of 2 gearboxes (or tell me who I need tocontact) given the Chassis numbers of 2 model W163s - one of which I own (2005 model) and one I have access to (2004 model). The gearbox on mine has a faulty torque converter so I need to drop the gearbox out...
  7. J

    Auto gearbox won't change gear?

    Hi, New to the forum. I have had my C180K SE Coupe (2004) for about 10 years now and it has been very good up until a few weeks ago when the gearbox would not change gear. I looked up a few similar topics and it seemed to be the Lever Selector Position. I bought a second hand one that I was...
  8. G

    Chirping gearbox

    Hi everyone. New to the website and new to Mercedes. I just bought a 1 year old a220 AMG line and I love it. One slight problem I have is that when putting the car in to sport mode I can hear a chirping noise when the auto gearbox downshifts?? Not when going up through the gears only going...
  9. C

    9g tronic get mad, please help !!

    Hello everybody, This is my first post on this forum, so hello everyone. I have a little problem with my R172 SLC amg line 250 diesel, 2017 post face lifting model. I can`t go to the service, all is closed now, so maybe you can help me please ? The problem is because upshift between 1st and...
  10. J

    Gearbox Service on C180? Are they recommended?

    I have owned a 2009 C180 auto from new and have done 75k miles. It's never had a gearbox service, should I get one done? I'm asking because on my way home today, I was doing 75/80mph, and when I slightly lifted off the accelerator by 5mph, it felt like the car was changing down gears. It's a...
  11. D

    A200 Auto gearbox issue (2005)

    Hi, I've been offered a cheap W169 A200 with a gearbox issue that is more likely mechanical than ECU. It is in good condition, black, has cruise control as well as front and rear parking sensors. It's really high spec with sunroof, electric heated seats, Harmon kardon sounds. Sat nav and...
  12. Bini

    Autobox Stalls when cold

    Hello all, I have E250 Coupe, 2011 and have had an ongoing issue since i bought the car which is the car stalls when put into gear when cold. On a warm day its fine, once past the initial start its perfect, no issues at all. I first got the gear box serviced, still remained, then the torque...
  13. G


    I have managed to fry the gearbox on my 1982 500SEL. I have managed to source a 1989 box from a 560SEL, but having got the old box out, I see that there are a couple of differences on the connections and I want to make sure that I can proceed to make the change without any problem. The attached...
  14. motocod

    W211 E270 gearbox oil change

    Hi Folks, My 2005 E270 is currently on just under 150,000 miles, and to my knowledge has never had the gearbox oil changed. My understanding is this should be done every 70k or so. I've spoken to Coverdale in Newton Abbot about getting it done. They tell me that aside from main dealers they...
  15. O

    W220 Tranmission Problem and Oil In coolant

    Hi guys, I have a Mercedes W220 (2003, 3.7l, S-class, s350) On my way back from work. I noticed that when I put my car in drive there was a slight delay in a sense of the gear clicking in place to move off, I also noticed that when I try to put it in N or R also slight delays. Once I pulled...
  16. C

    Sprinter gearbox replacement change to auto ?

    Hi need some advice. I need to replace my gearbox, due to damage to mont on the case below propshaft. I’ve decided it will be a lot quicker to replace the hole box rather than repair it and the box has done around 386000 miles, it works fine I might add... but the question is what box do I...
  17. Vr46mm93

    V220 auto box issue - poss limp mode after 3 miles

    Hi all, I've got a mk1 vito V220 Ambient with a suspect gearbox issue. I topped up the gearbox oil yesterday as it was nearly empty and now after about 3 miles drive when I stop it only moves slowly/eventually if I keep moving the gearstick. It's an auto too. Not sure if its still low on...
  18. G

    Strange Gearbox Issue/Limp mode

    Hi Everyone, just looking for a bit of advice on an issue that came up today, before I take it to a garage to get looked at. 90 miles into a 100 mile journey, I was on the motorway in manual mode (e350cdi 2012), when the car changed up into 7th on it's own at about 50mph, and wouldn't change...
  19. Mideco

    How to find a replacement Gearbox for a 1996 420.

    Hi Guys, New member here, feel free to point me in the right direction or let me know if I break any forum rules etc. I am looking for a replacement gearbox for a 1996 420, 4.8L Auto 4 speed. It is for a friend and customer who is in West Africa (so is the car) and the general google search is...
  20. SandyDD

    Sluggish automatic response...

    I have very recently purchased a A160 automatic (58) and have been told by a mechanic that there is a problem with the gearbox. I took it back to the garage under the 1 month warranty but they say they can't find anything wrong?! I am used to driving a bigger (V6 3.7L) automatic, so expected...

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