1. T

    Dishonest Garage? Or they might be right...?

    Hello all my friends! Hope this thread finds everyone well! Last Monday, I was driving my C220 CDI COUPE (2011 Reg, C204) on the motorway. The car was all fine until the moment I was trying to overtake a car and hardly depress the gas. As soon as I depressed the gas and rev hit 3000 RPM, there...
  2. Aedmer

    Can anyone help diagnose this noise?

    Hi all, I drive a 2013 W204 C220 CDI. Been hearing a slight very quiet rattling sound during acceleration for a little while now but haven’t had time to take it anywhere to get looked at. Just today I popped the hood and took off the engine cover and I’m hearing metallic tinny rattle. From what...
  3. D

    W204 C350cdi radiator fan issue

    Hi, new to the forum so apologies if this isn’t the correct area for my question/issue. So I’ve got this problem where the radiator fan will just come on intermittently when the car is locked, I could wake in the morning to it turning on and off, I’ve had it in with an indi specialist but not...
  4. A

    C63 Buying Advice

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a C63 Saloon (2012 - 2014) soon. I'd greatly appreciate any advice anyone has on buying/owning these cars. I've done some research and am looking for a car optioned with the performance pack/LSD, but please let me know any other info I should know before buying...
  5. O

    [W204] Replace 30GB HDD for newest map updates

    I own a W204 C350 build in 2007. Which means it holds the 30GB HDD. Now i know i am asking a question which has been asked before. But i am finding quite a lot of conflicting information, even more when i include the topics on Dutch forums. Plus because the car is getting a bit old, a lot of...
  6. M

    2008 W204 - warning about lights, but they are not broken

    Hi, I recently bought a 2008 W204 and when I turn the ignition several warnings come up on the dashboard: 1) Right-hand tail lamp/brake lamp 2) Front left parking lamp 3) Front right parking lamp But all those lamps are working. What do you think is causing the warnings to come up? And, how...
  7. M

    W204 - C Class - snib does not go up or down

    Hi, Hopefully, someone can help me with this. I have a 2008 C Class (W204) and the snib (the button that can be pressed down to lock the door) in the front passenger door is not going up or down when the central locking system is activated. Can someone tell me what is causing this? And...
  8. L

    W204 Rear disc not going back on

    Hi Everyone, Recently decided to fit new discs, pads and shoes to my 2011 C220 W204 but I'm having trouble with the O/S rear disc. I stripped down ok and popped in new shoes, installed new springs to hold shoes in place and the springs to pull the shoes together however when attempting to fit...
  9. A

    C220cdi 2011 oil leak

    Hi I have a c220 cdi coupe 2011 which has developed an oil leak. At first was just a tiny drip but this week the drip is now a mini puddle. The leak is presenting itself passenger wheel area. I was hoping to maybe diy but wondered if there was a common issue with leaks and what it could possibly...
  10. J

    Vibration on 2010 c350

    My c350 has a vibration in mid range acceleration, it doesn't feel rattly but is really annoying. So far 2 garages have been unable to find the cause. It is possible to accelerate through the vibration, my gut feeling is that it is a drivetrain issue, but I'd be grateful for your help and ideas...
  11. C

    Leak oil line/fuel return line placement OM642

    So I foolishly snapped the plastic connector while swapping thermostat and had to get a new one of these (£90!), the old one is sandwiched on the right side underneath some injector lines and the rail. Seems like a lot of work to take all these off, any problem with running the new line over the...
  12. J

    Vehicle Mercedes-Benz C250 CDI Sport 2009 for sale

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/620925838792811/ https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/mercedes-benz-c-class-saloon-2009-manual-2143-cc-4-doors/1385586492 For sale Mercedes Benz C250 CDI Sport Manual 2009 FSH Just under 94k on the clock but will rise as it's still getting used...
  13. J

    Auto gearbox won't change gear?

    Hi, New to the forum. I have had my C180K SE Coupe (2004) for about 10 years now and it has been very good up until a few weeks ago when the gearbox would not change gear. I looked up a few similar topics and it seemed to be the Lever Selector Position. I bought a second hand one that I was...
  14. T

    C204 2011 C220 CDI COUPÉ LIMP MODE & EML

    Hey guys, hope all of you had a great week so far! About two months ago the EML of my car turned up and being checked by the dealer. No unusual signs beside the Auto Stars/Stop (Eco System) stops working completely at that time. I was told that the Boost Pressure Sensor & the auxiliary...
  15. C

    W204 gps problem

    Good morning all. I hope someone can help. I've been having a GPS issue on my W204 Harman Kardon/command sat nav. Reading through all the previous post's (driving in 20 -50 miles from where I actually am and also picking up 10 sats but no location)and having a scan of fault codes(gps cable gnd...
  16. M

    2013 w204 drl Led one side out.

    recently bought a 2013 w204 c-class estate. noticed this morning that the right side drl didn't come on. looking through threads and the user manual there should be a warning displayed on the dash saying RH or LH drl is not working. I had no caption and the left one works fine. could this be a...
  17. D

    Places to go for Remaps!

    Hi, I have a 2012 C250, looking to get a stage 1 remap. I've noticed a few places be mentioned such as GAD, MLS, Big Fish Tuning... I live up near Newcastle Upon Tyne, (North East Region) Just wanting to know where people think is the best place to take my car... I was thinking of going to...
  18. RyanSL500

    Changing my daily car from a 6 year old diesel to an 18 year old V8

    Afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all well. so after recent events and finally getting my SL500 R230 fixed, I have made the decision to sell my 2014 C220 coupe to We buy any car as the trade in value is pretty decent and probably not much less than what I would get selling it privately (plus I...
  19. D

    Mercedes c class w204 dual-zone climate control

    Hi guys, so I’ve seen a few people with the w204 c class have replaced the dual zone climate control panel with the dials to the digital one from the E class. I have finally managed to get hold of the E class control unit and know that it is a straight swap plug and play. However, I don’t have...
  20. S

    W204 c-class Hand brake fully depressed to floor

    Need some help people. W204 has the hand break peddle for right to the flow and now won’t come back up ! Any ideas ?

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