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  1. ManLikeEnes

    Reduced performance due to boost solenoid?

    Greetings fellow Mercedes-Benz Owners, I bought a lovely W203 C270 CDI a few months ago and I've had loads of happy motoring with it. However when I initially bought the car, I had to replace the boost solenoid since the present one was causing limp mode. When I ordered a new one, it arrived...
  2. R

    W203 C270 CDI Radiator leak

    hi I recently bought w203 c270 cdi with 170.000 kms. I noticed I lose my coolant fluid and there is leak. If I have to replace the radiator, is there any radiator from different model that I can fit into my car? thanks in advance
  3. Z

    Mercedes W203 2002 C270 CDI thermostat change

    Hey guys, My Mercedes W203 2002 C270 is not getting to 90 degrees celcius, even after a long drive. I ordered a new mercedes thermostat but I have some questions before I get to changing it. Do i need to drain the coolant? Or can i just put a cloth beneath it? I read on different forums that...
  4. S

    At wits end with ESP...

    Hi everyone and thanks for all the valuable information I have gained from you over the last three years. Some time ago I had an ESP error come up (and stay up!). My I car soft 980 scanner reported a fault code C1037 (yaw sensor module not found). I replaced the sensor with an identical one...
  5. renrutp76

    W203 C270CDI Water Pump Problem

    Hi All, Having a slight problem with my water pump, noticed an unusual ticking noise. and shortly after failing to locate the fault, started to smell a slight whiff of hot coolant/antifreze. It seems to be running down the block from the water pump. I ordered one from ECP, and when I went to...
  6. H

    C270 CDI 2002 Air Con Compressor failure

    My Air Con stopped working recently so took to our local independent who ran various diagnostic tests finally stating that "we're 99% sure it's the air con compressor internal failure" They checked the control system for operation and found everything to be ok. Gas was also present in the...
  7. V

    C270 CDi sounds rough and very poor performance

    Hi, I am VJ. I have an C270 CDI 2005 Avantgarde. Mileage approx 50k. When I start the car it sounds "rough". When I accelerate I can hear the engine louder and again sounds very rough. However, at random the car will change its character and sound smooth and effortless. It will respond to...

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