1. D

    W124 200T Camshaft Sprocket

    Hello Everybody! I'm a long-time admirer but a first-time owner of a W124 200T estate. I bought her a few months ago - unfortunately the misfire I was told was to do with the carburettor, turned out to be down to low compression. I and a mechanic friend have diagnosed a sticky or leaky...
  2. P

    Edc fault on Sprinter 311 cdi 2002

    Hi My sprinter has been difficult to start for quite a few months, especially when hot but I rarely use the van so when I do have the issue I use easy start It's a 2002 but only done 55 k miles ( genuine ) I purchased a replacement crankshaft sensor and cam shaft sensor, but when I was...
  3. Y

    w203 C200k engine hesitaes and jerk

    I need some help here. My 2006 C200k with 47k miles is not performing well most of the time. The car hesitates and jerks alot when accelerating from a stop but after reaching the 3rd gear it drives normal the symptoms are more noticeable when going up a hill. I checked the computer for codes and...
  4. Y

    Do i need to replace wiring harness after chaning camshaft magnets

    I replaced the front camshaft magnets after they started leaking oil, i cleaned the adapters and found some oil in ecu adapter and cleaned it. Do i need to replace the wires? I checked the car for codes and nothing came on. The car sometimes hesitates. 2006 c200k 47000 miles
  5. K

    M271 Horror story

    Hi all I'm new to the forum. I'm having a horror story with my 03 reg C180K and having looked through plenty of threads on timing/cams I haven't found the answer I need! Sorry in advance about the length of this post... To cut a very long story short, I bought the car in August 2010 and it...
  6. delboyuk2508

    Camshaft Actuator Malfunction

    Since doing my headgasket I have had the engine light come on twice, once just after I started the engine up after replacing the headgasket, and there were several faults in memory, which I cleared, and once today, on both occasions the "camshaft actuator malfunction" was in the memory, I have...
  7. S

    clk W08 how long to change camshaft?

    hello everybody, On my W208 230k the camshaft VVT adjustment gear pulley in making a little bit of noise when revs go up and down, rev to 3-4k hold the revs it makes no noise, been told by my local garage to change the camshaft and redo the timing it will take 5-6hrs is he serious or just...

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