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  1. T

    Stolen Emblem

    Some nasty person has stolen my MB bonnet emblem (CLK230 2000 reg). I've seen various priced replacements on the web - anyone got a suggestion for the best one to go for and, perhaps, more importantly, whether there is a way to prevent it being nicked in future?
  2. T

    First time CLK230 Merc owner

    Hi there! This is the first Merc I’ve ever owned. Being a lady driver and one that travels a lot, I’ve driven this lovely car back and forth to Spain a few times now. A great drive, just a few niggles that have come up now that I need help with! Having been in the Rover 75 forums (hubby and I...
  3. V

    my mercedes clk230 for sale

    mercedes clk 230 for sale, reg SC03 SEF, 60'000 miles, service history, MOT NOV and no advisories for last three years. email for pics please, offer welcome, looking around £3'000 but like i said, offers welcome. thank you, VSB
  4. M

    Clk 208 2001 convertible

    Hi My first post here so here goes Just bought a neglected CLk 208 convertible 2001 Blue hood Body is usual rust areas that have been over painted which I am dealing with I intend recolouring the roof which is 5010 dark blue and can not get a good match Tried all the usual brands and...
  5. A

    Hey People | From Dublin

    Hi there, My name is Samir and I am currently living and working in Dublin. ROI. I currently drive a 1998 Altezza. I have always had a sweet spot for the CLK 230K and I am supposed to go view one in the evening LINK, if all goes well; I will be swapping the Tezza for the 1998 CLK 230...
  6. K

    How long my CLK230 can last?

    Hi there...just wanna ask some question.... I must goes to coursework in others county....around 1/2 month...i don't have any relative or sibling to check my CLK230 every day or week... 1st think 1st.....what must i do for my CLK230 can last? For my previous car i take out the battery....but...
  7. K

    Aircorn uncool for my CLK230 & temperatures

    Hi there, I'm newbie here.....I'm just bought CLK230 but the problems is the air conditioning in my CLK230 not cool & it's just blowing out the wind only. Does anyone knew what is the actual problems regarding my air conditioning ventilation. It is running out of the gas or else? Also if the...
  8. L

    SLK 230 rear diff

    Hi Guys Please could someone help me with a SLK 230 1998 model 170 & it's a 2.3. How the hell do you get the diff out of the casing as the crown wheel is in the ****** way:confused: Or are these rear diff's just made to p you off or what. If any one can I would be so grateful as I'm...
  9. nicensleazy

    Question About W208 Dashboard Replacement

    I have a crack in the dashboard of my 230CLK which as you can see in the picture runs from the recessed part of the airbag cover up onto the dasboard top. It's obviously been caused by excessive sun and heat during its 13 year life and I am led to believe it is quite a common occurence. I...
  10. A

    Alloys for my CLK 230

    Hi, I've got a 1998 CLK230 Elegance Komp. Automatic Coupe; love it, but her Alloys are looking awfully scruffy and let her down. Don't need tyres, just wheels, not sure how to go about working out what size to buy, can anyone help? Dont want low profiles, quite happy with the standard size...
  11. P

    CLK230 Air conditioning

    I have a 1998 CLK 230 Kompressor and have an issue with the air con. The blowers only work every now and again, for both the hot and cold air. It seems that when I drive over a bump it comes on temporarily. When I select/deselect the 'auto' button, a clicking noise which comes from the passenger...
  12. S

    1999 CLK 230 Convertible, roof problem

    Hi I have had this car for over 3 months now (so no warranty left :( ) and today, after a whole 3 months of perfect roof removal, it decided to play up! Released the catch, pressed the button, roof starts to fold up, boot lid opens, tries to fold down, but the boot hasn't lifted properly...
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