clk 320

  1. XC3113NT

    CLK 320 Window not working

    So my driver side window isn't working, I removed the interior doorside and checked if the motor is stil working. And it is, it seems that the whole window mechanism isn't working as intended. But before changing it, is there anyone else that might give another advice to check something else...
  2. XC3113NT

    CLK 320 C208 Screeching/Screaming noise when letting off the accelerator

    Hello everyone on this Mercedes Forum! So it's my first post on this forum and so I don't really know if im doing this right, but anyways I figured I might try since I've got a problem with my CLK. It's a "99 CLK 320 my very first car. The milage is around 140 000 Km or roughly 87000 miles and...
  3. Paddymph

    Hi! Stockport - CLK 320,w208. GUMBALL!

    Hi there, Paddy, new member! So every few years the lads do a Gumball style run to the Nurburgring with £750 to buy a car and make it there and back. This year we’ve bought a 2000 Clk320 which I’m quite chuffed with, it seems decent! (Fingers crossed) Few issues though. I seem to have the issue...
  4. W

    New CLK Owner

    After years of umming and aahing I finally bit the bullet, sold my Land Rover Disco 2 (petrol 4.0 V8 none of that diesel tractor nonsense - jk diesel owners ;) ) and purchased a low mileage 2001 320 AMG CLK Convertible Avantgarde in silver with the blue roof. I got a blinding deal on it and the...
  5. J

    A couple of newbie questions

    1. I bought a 2003 CLK 320 with a beige leather interior. The car came with a mobile phone installation screwed into the dash of the car. (see image). Two big screws were used to attach the hand set to the car dash I want to replace the piece of trim thats been damaged. Anybody know where the...
  6. J

    Problem with soft top 320 CLK 2003

    I've recently bought a 320 CLK (2003) and when trying to close the top today, I got warning "Top - Visit workshop". The roof wouldn't close. I had a look around the boot of the car and noticed that a plastic 'bit' in the upper left hand side that I would imagine attaches to the soft top...
  7. C

    320 vs 350?

    I had a thought this morning, whether it would be worth chopping the A3 in now for something a leeetle bigger. It's a beautiful car, no doubt about it, lovely to drive, great performance if a little lacking in MPG over its Golf predecessor. But, reading various user posts on here I wondered if...
  8. B

    Independent MB garage in the Greater Belfast area

    Hi, Anyone got any recommendations about garages in and around Belfast? I live about 10 miles south of it (a few miles outside Carryduff for those who know the area) but am happy to travel a little bit to get someone to do a good job. Saw an old thread about this but it was quite out of...
  9. B

    So I bought an old CLK, what next

    Hi Folks, I have just bought a 2002 50k 320 petrol avantgarde (for 3.8k, which seemed a decent deal, I live in Northern Ireland and we simply pay more for cars here due to the smaller market, hope it wasnt a terrible one!) and I am looking for any advice on any things that established owners...
  10. J

    Buying a CLK 320 (2003)

    Hi all, I have been asked by my dad to have a look at a CLK 320 year 2003 for him. He is oversees at the moment and is looking for a car to use occasionally when back in the UK. What should I be looking out for with this model/year? I will check roof (leaks) etc and the wheel arches for...
  11. J

    Looking for help on CLK / Valeo rads

    Hi guys, first time I've ventured onto any type of forumn and I'm hoping someone can help me clarify a question on CLKs and the dreaded Valeo Rads. I've currently got a C250 CGI estate and love it to death and we're now looking to get a second car. We've kinda set our hearts on getting a CLK...
  12. D

    Clk 320 cab, underbody noise.

    Hi folks, I've got a weird knocking noise coming from under the car (passenger side front) as I turn left onto an incline..... Any suggestions As to the cause, I was told it could be a lower ball joint? Ps I'm definitely NOT going to a MD for this one, the last time they tried to fleece me...

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