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  1. JensH

    W124 E280 4-speed auto Estate ('95)

    Hi everyone, I have the following intermittent problem, possibly link to a cold start issue. On ignition. I don't always get the automatic idle surge up from ca. 800 to about 1100, to warm the engine. Later W124s do not have specific cold start valves, so start injection is an EMS controlled...
  2. C

    Smell of petrol cold start W212 E250

    Hi all, W212 Facelift 2.0 E250 SE, 2013, 45k For a week I've noticed a strong smell of petrol with a cold-start (first thing in the morning). The smell is coming from the engine bay. If I'm inside the cabin with the heater fan off, I can't smell the petrol, if the heater fan is on, I can...
  3. JensH

    W124 E280 4-Spd Auto Est (‘95)

    Not posted for a while, since I’ve had around 25-30k trouble-free miles (apart from self-inflicted odometer jam last Summer, which was an easy fix). Nearing 180k now. BUT... A few weeks ago I had my local garage fit a new cat, an after-market one (recommended). Since then I’ve had both cold...
  4. R

    problem with cold start! W211 320 CDI

    For almost a month I am having a problem with the cold start of the engine of my W211 320 CDI. When the car is cold in the morning, the engine must turn about 10 times before it starts. In the past, this was not the case. There is no message / light on the dashboard. As well there is no smoke...
  5. D

    Help: C220 Very sluggish when cold

    Hi there, i have got a c220 2005 (94000) miles driven. I am a little concerned about its acceleration when its cold. car literately struggles to move until the engine warms up which is about 10-15 minutes. when it gets warm then it drives superb. no lack of power or acceleration at all. I...
  6. F

    ML 320 CDI W164 Code P0670 - Glow Plug Control Module Circuit

    Hola Señors and Señorita's, My ML320 CDI engine had a leaking injector for quite some time... I decided to ignorantly chug around for a while (a long while) until recently, as I thought it was getting worse. Reason I thought this was because the engine was struggling to start in a morning...
  7. M

    C180 cold start choke fails to engage

    Afternoon everyone, This is a problem I have put up with for longer than I care to think about. :( When I start my 1996 C180 from cold, if I do not keep pressure on the accelerator pedal, it stalls. It appears the cold start choke is failing to engage. Once the engine is warm, when sitting in...
  8. C

    Diesel fuel pip

    Hi Guys. I have a C220 CDI Auto, on a 2001. Recently i have been coming up with numerous little issues. Anyways, not so long ago i had a fuel pipe replaced which cost me about £28 (In the photo the prominant black ribbed pipe). However i now suspect its the pipe i have cricled in red...
  9. B

    car back from specialist-injector chuffing!!!????

    Hi all, I put my car into MB specialist for cold start problems and he replaced 3 fuel lines all now ok under additional information he has said that : - Injector no 3 chuffing - poly belt not running true requires new tensioner,belt and idler. I know what the second means and he is going to...
  10. S

    C180 only start with throtttle open after snow

    Was running fine. Not used during snow for 4 weeks. Now only starts with throttle depressed and dies if revs drop. MOT is this week so prob fail emissions. Feels like something needs poking to wake it up. Any thoughts what I should take my stick to? :(
  11. W

    W124 E300 cold start issue

    I have now got my E300. Having had it checked over there are no issues mechanically. There does seem to be a reluctance to start from cold. It takes longer for the engine to fire depending on the temperature, but only from 1st start. Is there a cold start injector or temp sensor that could cause...
  12. J

    Sprinter 311 CDI Cold Starting Problems

    Having problems starting my 2004 2.2 CDI Sprinter on cold mornings even after replacing all the glow plugs and the relay. The glow plug warning light is still staying on for around a minute after starting. A test shows that there is power to the plugs so I am at a loss as to what the problem...

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