1. 9


    We are selling my wife's CLK as she has now bought a Mini, I know it's nowhere near a Merc but it's what she wanted. We've owned this car since May 2016 and really enjoyed it. As you can (hopefully ) see from the photos it's finished in dark blue with oatmeal trim. Automatic, power hood, pas...
  2. mercedes13156

    Vehicle 1993 A209 CLK 200 Convertible (1.8 Kompressor) - Ice Blue

    Hi. We've decided to sell our beloved CLK. Its a great car and has served us well for the last few years. We'd love to keep it, but it's just not very practical for us anymore. The long doors make it very difficult for my wife and our parents to get in and out. Its also a bit low for them now...
  3. Blobcat

    Vehicle SL500 For Sale

    SL500 For Sale - Advertising for a friend - car located in Carlisle June 2004, 99,000 miles Tellurium Silver Metallic with Black / Antracite Leather MOT'd in June with no advisories Boot is dry :cool: 2 struts replaced in 2014/15 £5,650
  4. D

    CLK (W209) convertible - water bags not retracting correctly

    I have a 2005 CLK convertible whereby when the roof closes the 2 waterbags "poke out" from either side of the rear window, which I am lead to believe is a known fault on the W209. Does anyone know a company that repairs this issue? the rest of the hood is in excellent condition so I dont want to...
  5. SteveX

    Vehicle CLK55 AMG Convertible facelift, Designo paint etc

    Hi guys, sad to do this, but the time has come! My long term family car the 55 CAB is up for sale, it's been a pleasure to own and will be sad to see her go, but I’ve bought a TVR Griff, so the CLK needs to go to make room. Enthusiast owned, I’ve had her for nearly 7 years, loads of history...
  6. C

    Soft-top indentations

    Hi everyone - I'm new to the forum and a new owner of a E220 convertible 16 plate and i've noticed some very slight indentations/creases when the roof is up, mirrored on both sides, clearly caused by the folds. Nothing major, I can live with it, but it's the only slight imperfections on an...
  7. G

    New member and cars

    Seems I am a one marque owner, I get drawn to Mercedes because of mainly the reliability but recently because of the style. I have a E350 (W212) for work, a Vito 115 for work and just purchased a SL350 (R230) for pleasure. Would love to have a 280Se (W108) but the prices are just too high now...
  8. Sebina

    Mercedes E220 2011 seat release handle swap

    Hi all, I have the age old issue of the chrome peeling from the seat release handles on my convertible. I have the new, genuine, handles... anyone have a how to or video on how to replace please?
  9. S

    Front Convertible Leaking Roof SL55.

    When you find a good thing its worth sharing... I have 2005 SL55, with all the niggles It has been one of my favourite cars. For any of you suffering with a leaking roof onto the drivers chairs (Knees) this is what I use... I think the addition of Krytech softens the rubber seal. You don't...
  10. H

    W124 Sportline convertible - hello

    Hello all, I have joined the forum as I have a 1994 E320 convertible that, after a bit of thinking, have decided to keep. London is, as you know, introducing an emmissions zone in which my car will no longer be driveable withut paying - but as it is a sunny day car, and no-one likes driving...
  11. M

    Has jump starting my car fried the electrics?

    Hi all I have a 2000 CLK 320 Auto Convertible that suddenly wouldn't start last week. I decided it might be a flat battery so I tried jump starting it from my wifes car. I DEFINITELY connected the jump leads red to red and black to black but after about 30 seconds the heavy duty jump leads...
  12. S

    Mercedes 300 SL Roadster enquiry

    Hello, My uncle has a car part for a Mercedes 300 SL Roadster and has asked me to find out what its called and what it's worth if possible. It is the section of bodywork and fabric which covers over the convertible hood when stowed away. I've attached a photo of the section I'm referring to...
  13. W

    New CLK Owner

    After years of umming and aahing I finally bit the bullet, sold my Land Rover Disco 2 (petrol 4.0 V8 none of that diesel tractor nonsense - jk diesel owners ;) ) and purchased a low mileage 2001 320 AMG CLK Convertible Avantgarde in silver with the blue roof. I got a blinding deal on it and the...
  14. M

    Clk 208 2001 convertible

    Hi My first post here so here goes Just bought a neglected CLk 208 convertible 2001 Blue hood Body is usual rust areas that have been over painted which I am dealing with I intend recolouring the roof which is 5010 dark blue and can not get a good match Tried all the usual brands and...
  15. N

    CLK Fuel Problem

    Hi All. Newbie on here :) I have a 2006 CLK 200 petrol convertible and it's developed a fuel problem. Despite having half a tank of fuel remaining I am "running out of fuel". The gauge is correct - it shows half a tank - and if I fill up it will only take half a tank's worth of fuel...
  16. D

    E-Class 350 (207) convertible back seat lock?

    Hi I'm new to posting but i have an E-Class E350 Convertible that is coming up with a warning message saying "back seat rest not locked" ??, the head restraints go up and down electronically but the seats do not recline? It also shows a picture of the seat reclining in a forward and back motion...
  17. W

    Help! can't find Yaw rate sensor on W208 CLK 230 convertible

    Hi, I'm new here so I hope i've posted this in the right place. If not, apologies and please tell me where to go - be nice. I've been looking everywhere for the Yaw rate sensor in my 2000 W208448 CLK 230k convertible. I've searched this forum and the rest of the world for clues on where it...
  18. P

    W208 CLK Convertible Roof Issue

    Hi all I have a 2001 W208 CLK 230K Convertible and the issue I am having is when I unlock the roof using the manual handle, the roof pops up as it should but not far enough. When I pull the button up to open the roof fully, the rear windows folds up as it should and the metal compartment...
  19. F

    CLK Convertible rear headrest rising problem

    Hey guys, I have a Y Reg 230 CLK convertible, and i have a problem with the rear headrests rising when I lower the roof. Iv only just had the car so i'm not sure how to turn it off as it did not do this when i first had it and I think something has been pressed either by me or when i have had...
  20. F

    a good place for convertable clk 230 parts?

    hey, just convinced my brother into buying a 230clk, a 2001 model, and its missing one or two things but for the price its pretty sharp. It's only a few sills and things that he can get from merc but im looking for a full set of grey mats and the document books aswell, such as i have a binder...

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