dragon crap

  1. J

    this is madness

  2. J

    antidote for congestion

  3. J

    it about time

    they emit too many small polluting particles which damage local air quality, a particular problem in residential areas with heavy traffic. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/8407964/Parking-permit-surcharge-to-force-diesel-cars-off-the-roads.html
  4. J

    ha ha ha

    Number of male motorists unable to open car bonnet - 6 per cent Number of female motorists unable to open car bonnet - 17 per cent Number of drivers who have never had car serviced - 2.6m Number of drivers more concerned about how the car looks than how it works - 67 per cent Number of...
  5. J

    james bond got away speeding

  6. Silver_Star

    Budget - Fuel Duty

    Well Mr Osborne seem to have come good, hopefully the price of crude will drop slightly once the Lybia issue is sorted (provided Japan don't push it back up again)..... "Fuel duty to be cut by 1p per litre from 6pm tonight. Fuel duty escalator that adds 1p to fuel duty on top of inflation...
  7. J


    everytime I clean the air filter, it got sands with compressor engine?:confused: Does it suck air extraordinary than non compressor engine?
  8. J


    Do MB brake pads still have asbestos in it and if not what is it made of?
  9. J

    roadtax increases nasty shock

    went to local DVLA to surrender a roadtax and renew for another, was jesting with the woman counter staff, is it going up in April? She said yes, everything are going up. Those with over 225g for cars before 2006 will get a nasty shock with no mercy.:shock:

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