e220 amg estate

  1. I

    Removing rear wiper arm on E220 (2015) Estate

    Just had Autoglass booked in to replace the rear window when he gave me the good news that he couldn't remove the wiper arm to fit the window. So he has kindly made it waterproof. He had an odd little remover tool that he reckons couldn't do it, so I need a mechanic to remove it ad he'll come...
  2. Janchee

    Radiator fan stays on after engine stopped (W213 66 E220d)

    Hi all, I've noticed that sometimes the radiator fan on my car stays on after a drive. Now, I know this is normal; however, the fan is still coming on even when it is freezing and driven exceptionally gently. The fan doesn't stay on all the time after a drive; however, I noticed it this...
  3. MRAF

    New Merc Owner (E220 Estate) - Looking for any gottchas or things to look out for

    Hello all, I've just bought a Merc (my 1st dip into this Brand). I have very little knowledge to go on so I was hoping for any top tips for me to keep my eye out for on my E22o Estate. I've just got a E220 (S212) AMG Night Edition BLUETEC 2.2, with 8k on the clock on a 16 plate. What goes...
  4. K

    No towing with a 2016 E220 AMG Estate?

    Hi, Newbie here.. I took possession of a 2016 E220 AMG Night (last in the model line) last month under a business lease. Had a retro-fitted tow bar on our 2013 220 (with permission) and mentioned to the salesman we were going to put it on the new vehicle, no problem he said. All fine...
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