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    One Brake Failing Erratically - Resets

    Hello! I have a 2001 MB E240 Elegance Wagon S210 Problem: My right side brake light fails but works for a period of time when the bulb carrier is reseated. Is there a fickle thing with these I'm not seeing? Is there some kind of power short protection - that is not a fusible link - that...
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    E240 w210 2000 ignition problem

    Hi any advice would be much appreciated. I have a E240 2000 I drove my car about 50m from where I live and stopped at traffic lights at which point all the warning lights came on and the car switched off. My key turns and all lights come on but the engine won't start. No ticking noise...no...
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    E240 key not responsive on ignition

    I own a Mercedes E240 year 2005 here in Kampala Uganda. These cars are wonderful but can be frustrating in Africa. I lost my fob/key last Christmas and got a new one programmed which worked fine for a few days. Please note the lost/ old one had a problem locking and unlocking doors without...
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    Need information about this pipeline

    Hi, Does anyone could tell me what this vacuum line purpose? Where does it connected to? It's taken from 2001 E240 Avantgarde. When I bought the car, the pipelines were disconnected. I don't know what is the consequences if the pipeline was disconnected. However, I'm sure...
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    Getting a 2004 W211 E240!

    Hi Guys, Newbie here from South Africa. I am getting a W211 E240 this week. Pics can be seen on my Flicr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21548349@N08/sets/72157626825078119/ Cost is around 11'000 GBP (or R130 000 here) with 110 000km on the clock. The car is in a spotless condition except...
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    E240 Electronic Key Problems

    Any information welcome on how to deal with an electronic key issue. Sometimes it works, othertimes it's in and out and evetually it starts the car? This is with both keys - however I'm not convinced the spare is 100% reliable anyway? Very fustrating!

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