1. J

    Pre-Glow Instrument Cluster Light

    Hi, My A180d Sport Pre-Glow light appeared on the dash and has stayed on for every journey I’ve made in the last week. I took my car to an independent garage this morning and they’ve run some diagnostics for me and said that the error is showing as an internal electrical fault with one of the...
  2. M

    Heater controls and instrument cluster illumination

    190E 2.3 16v 1987 - no heater controls or instrument cluster illumination The center of the heater knobs are lit via a tube and the knob surrounds via bulbs connected in series. Also appears the fibre optic lighting wires not working.I have checked the dimmer potentiometer as OK but according to...
  3. George Benz

    Ignition, dash light issues & engine cutting out?

    Hi all, new member here but have been a lurker for some time! I have a CLK 220CDI with 160K on the clock, car has been utterly reliable but am now having some strange electrical gremlins, hoping someone has had the same issues and found a common fault. It started with key fob issues, as in...
  4. r129co

    R129 SL repairs and maintenance

    Hi guys and girls We are now offering a repairs, maintenance, detailing and restoration book-in service, for the R129 SL, at our garage in the southeast, in Kent. More information on that at our website here. I would like to ask - what problems related to the R129 SL have you had, or had heard...
  5. P

    2003 CLK (W209) - Electrical mistery (front headrests, sunroof, windshield and headlights washers)

    Hi! I recently bought a CLK 500. Runs good but there are some electrical (I think) problems. 1) First problem is that my front headrests don't work. Both of them, which is weird. When I press the button on the door panel I hear a click and the headrest goes down or up a couple of mm. When I...
  6. J

    Electrical services required for Mercedes SL55 2005 plate (R230)

    Hello all, My Mercedes has had a fire in the boot which I believe is a common fault on these and therefore has caused the rear bit of the wiring loom to be burnt on the drivers side mainly by the split unit module, will upload pics later. I have all the parts for the repair but need someone...
  7. D

    W209 2004 CLK Number Plate light problems.

    Hi, I have a 2004 W209 CLK and I recently tried to replace the number plate bulbs with led the o/s no problems however the n/s a different story, at first it simply didn't work so I got some more initially the led bulb flashed then nothing so I removed all the trim to get to the back of the...
  8. F

    w210 - Replacing Audio 10 unit with a non-Mercedes brand

    Dear All, I bought my Mercedes with an original Audio 10 CD player. Its great for radio and the fact that you can navigate it from the steering wheel - but it does not cope with this century and doesn't even want to read recorded CDs, not to mention MP3s. So I have an Alba unit from my...
  9. O

    Obscure Electrical fault

    The vehicle in question is a 2002 Classic 4dr Saloon E200 Kompressor, with only 32,000 miles on the clock genuine. On connecting the battery and starting the engine, I rotate the steering wheel full lock L/R, as indicated in the manual. The ABS & BAS warning lights go out and it shows 1...
  10. W

    S211 E320 CDI Aerial and Remote Locking

    Hi Guys, I have been experiencing problems unlocking my 55 plate E320 using the fob. I fitted new batteries to both keys but had to place the fobs right up to the tiny window on the drivers door handle, and even then it was very fussy about recognising the code etc. I also noticed that the...
  11. S

    CLK 230K Ignition / Electrical Problem

    Hi, I've had a series if problems recently. Some seem trivial but I'll detail all just in case they are relevant. First, the car went dead and wouldn't start. We wondered if this was due to having lights left on.. jumped it and all seemed ok. Once in a while we got the problem where the...
  12. L

    W203 prefacelift - Shortcircuit heated mirror, now what?

    My car: C-class w203 200cdi 2001 My problem: Rightside mirror got nailed at the parkinglot. I removed the broken parts, and left the wiring hanging :(.. Obviously the wiring carried electric power and thus shortcircuited, more specifically the connectors to the heated mirror. They ended up...
  13. G

    E270 CDI, 2004

    Battery leakage - E270 CDI, 2004 Sirs, Since June this year I have lost electric power from my battery when car is parked. I have replaced the battery and have been to my garage for diagnostic without any result. Anyone having an ide what gives me this problem. regards,
  14. D

    C280 Petrol gauge and speedometer being flaky

    Hi, My new (to me) '95N C280 has a couple of issues ont he dash that I wonder if i could get your input on. I'd like to know if these problems are likely to be independent of one another, or an actual dashboard issue. The speedo sticks to the peg until I reach third gear, at which point it...
  15. S

    1988 300 SEL Immoblizer problem (I think)

    Hello, I recently removed my battery from my 1988 300 SEL on the advice of an automotive shop employee, as I was going away for 3 weeks. I now know that was a very stupid thing to do. After re-attaching the battery, the electrics are working, the car will turn over (but not fire up up)...
  16. SmoothBall

    Would radio on for 3 hrs run battery flat?

    Hi, Was cleaning the car at the weekend with the radio turned on. Volume was quite high so I could still hear it with the windows up. It was turned on for three hours, and the engine wasn't running. Afterwards, the battery wouldn't turn the starter motor when I turned the key in the ignition...
  17. F

    Electrical drain

    V280 98/99 - what is the expected milliamp drain on standing please? Mine drains at 200ma which seems high and I periodically have problems with a flat battery. If this is too high, any suggestions on what may be causing it.
  18. D

    Intermittant wipe

    Oh dear another problem has risen its head today. On intermittant wipe 1st setting the wiper wipes the screen once just as the switch is turned to the 1st intermittant position then nothing only 1 wipe. What could this be?
  19. D

    ML 280 CDI SAM Unit Error

    Hi Guys I am new to this forum so if i make a mistake in this post in any way I do apologise and I will rectify it as soon as I am made aware of the issue. My problems began when someone bumped into my back bumper. The car was taken to a local Body Shop and I was given a nice courtesy car to...
  20. D

    Help! SLR 300 (1988) Dying Suddenly

    Help! I am completely clueless with all things technical/practical and have a problem with my recently purchased Mercedes SLR 300 (1988) that needs to be rectified ASAP. Basically, over the past few weeks it has, probably half a dozen or so times, completely 'died' while I have been driving...

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