1. M

    ML 270 2003 MOT failure on emissions

    Dear All, My 163k 2003 ML has failed MOT on emissions. I was advised to use some injector cleaner and take for an Italian tune up ( hammer up and down motorway) before re test. Took it in and it is slightly better BUT still failed. limit is 0.8, it was reading 0.85/0.86 on opacity test. Would...
  2. JensH

    DIAVIA A/C: 1995 (W124) E280 Estate

    Following previous postings about my DIAVIA after-market A/C system, often fitted to late W124s, to save the exorbitant cost of MB factory installed system, I am pleased to say that I finally managed to track down not only an appropriate full wiring diagram, but also a complete set of...
  3. T

    C220 bluetec AMG Line anyone done high mileage

    Hi everyone. I have an opportunity to buy a soon to be ex lease, late 2014 C220 Bluetec Manual AMG Line saloon. 70k miles. Although the mileage is pretty high, I know the owner and the car has been carefully driven on mostly A road and motorway, well looked after both inside and out. I realise...
  4. T

    CLK200 Emissions - MOT Failure - Running Rich

    Anyone come across this before? 1998 CLK200 Auto with 68,000 on the clock has just failed its MOT on emissions. CO and HC are way high and Lambda is low. Chap doing the MOT said it needed a new cat but I'm struggling to see why the cat would cause low lambda. I've pulled the plugs and...
  5. G

    w211 high co and low lambda

    hi guys i am new to this so please excuse me if i mess up. i have a problem with my 2003 mercedes w211 e200 1.8 kompressor. it failed its nct test showing high co (aprox 3.50) and low lambda (aprox 90) meaning rich mixture. i borrowed a friends same year and model car with good emission...
  6. O

    Emission problems with W211 E200K 2004

    Hi guys I am new to this and wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction. My E200k engine light came on earlier this year and my garage said it was the airflow meter. It was cleaned and reset and my garage said that if it comes back on then they would need to replace the airflow...
  7. A

    W124 E220 estate - MOT fail - emissions

    My 1994 W124 E220 auto has just failed it's MOT on a few points, front bulbs wrong colour, rear brake pad below min thickness (1.5mm) and emissions, which is the one that is biggest worry: Fast Idle test CO 0.96% HC 217ppm Lamda 1.20 2nd Fast Idle test CO 0.89% HC 224ppm Lamda 1.21...
  8. T

    A140 High CO Low HC HELP!!

    Hi can anyone help me please. I have a 1999 A140, i had trouble with MAF in Jan this year, i sent the MAF/ECU to be repaired by BBA-Reman ( very quick and very helpful). Had MAF/ECU re-fitted and car ran fine (better than it had in a long time) Took car for mot and it faild on emissions...

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