1. A

    Engine Start Not Possible / EML on

    Hi I have bought this used car (2017 C200D Diesel) from Arnold Clark last year. It has been 14 months now and has ben driven only 33k miles including the previous owners mileage of 20K. I already have issues of EML 2-3 times. Car is not in extended warranty but have couple of service covers...
  2. Mark1974

    W205 Diesel EML only/always when Fuel

    Hi All I have a 2015 W205 1.6 manual Diesel Bluetec. When the fuel level goes low...not on 1st (amber) warning... but on the 2nd warning, when Fuel Pump symbol goes red⛽, it no longer tells you the remaining mileage and white bar flashing ...the EML comes on, if you drive for even only 1 or so...
  3. W

    Adblue EML - Your engine will not start in 500,499miles

    We have a 2016 GLC 250 with full service history. It has covered 65K. Recently the EML appeared, followed by a more specific warning that Adblue - in 500 miles your engine will not start. This has counted down to 300 while we have waited to book into MB main dealer. The car is covered for...
  4. K

    S-Class W221 - EML on, need advise

    Hey fellow Merc lovers, I just wanted some advice please - my W221 320CDI has the EML recently come on and the following codes have come up on my OBD reader (I know Star is better and I will get this done once work permits): **** AFTER EML **** Fault log report generated by Torque for Android...
  5. G

    W211 E270cdi boost issues

    This is my first post so please bear with me Starting from the beginning. I had a problem with my E270 where the EGR valve came up on diag (p0404). Took off and cleaned thoroughly. Took on test drive and seemed to work ok until a long drive (30+ miles). Back on the diag, now comes up with...
  6. K

    Cheap scanners - are they any good?

    £10.99 with free delivery...
  7. K


    I bought a S350 LWB from mercedes dartford. They sold the car 2 me without telling me that it was used as a private hire vehicle (licenced Cab) nor the MOT was given 2 me. I guess it wasn't given 2 me so that I wouldn't find out that its been a PH vehicle. When I found out the next day I went 2...
  8. R

    C220CDI Diesel Particulate Filter

    I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by an ongoing problem with the DPF. This has been going on for the best part of a year and has necessitated 2 visits to a MB independent specialist and 3 to local MB dealer so far. The EML comes on sometimes and then the car goes into limp mode. At other...

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